Single Sign-On Joomla! administration component

For Joomla 1.0.x and 1.5 (native)
Community Builder 1.1, 1.2 compatible!
This Joomla component can do Single sign-on for users on Joomla sites that are listed in the component's setup.

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This is a light version of the our Multisites Site Manager component where we have removed all the copy and creating NEW SITES features. That means if you already have the Multisites Manager(Pro) installed - you do not need this component!

The sites you use must be on the same server (if you want to use it on another server you need Multisites Manager(ProFTP) version. Some servers allow to use different domains but not all! It depends on the server configuration.

The features of this Joomla administration component include:

  • Site Categories section allows you to group sites into categories
  • Site Manager section allows you to create sites that you will synch your users with (you'll need to know the full or relative path to the site, its URL and database info)
  • User Manager section will help you manage users (check if they are "managed" and "associated" which is necessary for synchronization)
  • Configuration will help you make changes to the maximum execution time and check whether you want a clean uninstall if needed. It is recommended to leave the default settings
  • Synchronize Users (All Sites) is a quick way to synchronize users throughout all published sites
  • Batch Functions - for each of them sample data is shown so you can check the right formatting

Be aware that you will not be logged out on other sites when you log out of one of the sites!

Synchronization & SingleSignOn is possible only for J! sites of same version line: Joomla up until 1.0.12; Joomla 1.0.13 and above; Joomla 1.5.x. Two sites based on Joomla 1.5.x and 1.0.x won't be synchronized! Feel free to browse the support forum.


  • install the main component on the main site
  • install the login component on each of the sub sites.

    Return to the main site and perform the following actions:

  • create a new "Site Category"
  • create a new site under "Site Manager"
  • be sure to associate a user with the new site by either
    (a) selecting appropriate users when you create a new site or
    (b) selecting a user in the User Manager section and clicking the
    associate button
  • be sure that the user is
    (1) managed
    (2) enabled and
    (3) associated
  • click "synchronize users" or "synchronize all"
  • go to Joomla menu, create SingleSignOn component menu item
  • go to the front page of the main site, login, and select the sub site that you would like to go to from the new component menu item