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Personal Goals Manager Component

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Personal Goals Manager Component is specially designed to help your Joomla! site users to set personal goals and plans, track achievements progress and organize personal schedule management. The personal manager extension can also be used to improve habits quickly and without great efforts.

Why to use the extension?

It can be used to create goals, plans and habits management service useful for everyone at your Joomla! site, get more traffic and succeed!

You can use Personal Goals Manager for:
  • Scheduling Services: offer easy to use service to schedule important events, like daily workouts, medication taking, follow-up business appointments or whatever your site users can imagine;
  • Corporate Portal: equip your employees with an online tool to manage personal schedule and professional goals and plans effectively. Besides it will be a useful tool for tracking habits of executing daily work activities in time. It will definitely boost your employees performance and increase their motivation;
  • Advisory or Consultancy Services: if you provide the services focused on the goals achievements (e.g. weight reduction, education, etc.), it is crucial for your clients to have an efficient online self-control and progress tracking tool. Personal Goals Manager will surely become a favorite self-management instrument for your Joomla! site users. Make your clients more loyal!

Follow the examples above or come up with your own ideas how to use this Joomla! component for your advantage.

The personal manager extension is easy to use thanks to intuitive administration tools and informative user interface.


As the personal management component is installed and configured, every registered user of the web site can start using his/her personal goals manager. User profiles are extended with a nifty “Goals Manager” button forwarding you to your personal management dashboards. Here we go!

  • set goals

    Set Goals

    Start from setting clear goals to work on. Create S.M.A.R.T goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound). Every goal has a title, short description and a goal reminding image.

    If your goal is long term you can divide it into several milestones. To mark all the progress you made for it, simply add records. After you have added any milestones or records for a goal, you will see them in the goal graph. It will visualize your progress and will encourage you to do your best.

    Administrator is free to add special fields for every type of goals or let users to add custom fields themselves.

  • set palns

    Create Plans

    Plan is a set of stages and tasks tied to specific deadlines. Created in advance, you will have to only mark your plan components as complete in due time. The plan will be fulfilled automatically after you will have finished all its stages and tasks.

    After any your tasks and stages will have been completed they will be displayed on the plan graph. Monitor your progress and get inspired to fulfill your plan completely!

    As goals, every plan has a title, short description and a plan reminding image. Administrator can add special fields for any type of plans or let users to add custom fields themselves.

  • set habits

    Train Skills and Habits

    With Personal Goals Manager you can form good habits that support your goals achievement or get rid of bad ones. Set a number of times you should repeat the activity to recognize the habit as acquired or celebrate you got rid of the bad habit. No tricks here! Your time starts from the very beginning after you record a failure.

    You can rate your habits in order of importance assigning them both positive and negative weights. Later it will allow you to estimate completely your progress at the habits graph. It summarizes all your daily habits successes and failures taking into account the habits weights. Such visualization is a good possibility to find out whether it was a day of good habits or the one you can’t be proud of.

  • personal goals manager dashboard

    Handy Dashboards

    There are 3 amazing dashboards allowing users easily to keep all their goals, plans and habits under control:

    1. Today. It provides you quick access to all your goals, plans and habits set for today.
    2. Goals&Plans. It shows you all goals and plans with all your achievements.
    3. Habits. It displays all your habits and their history with habits graph. To check your habits for certain period of time quickly, you can use comfortable week navigation.

    All the dashboards have user friendly interface. You can easily edit goals, plans and habits, add new ones, track and record your achievements. It’s also possible to change color and icons for goals and plans statuses on your dashboards. Goals&Plans and Habits dashboards also allow you to mark the most important goals, plans and habits as featured ones and drag them to the desirable places on the dashboard.

  • personal goals manager template

    Predefined Templates

    As administrator you can easily create templates for goals, plans and habits. Simplifying your users work you will more likely to engage them into the personal management and will motivate to make progress!

  • personal goals manager scheduling


    Built-in calendar allows you to visualize all your added records and tasks. It helps you to track your achievements and to keep in mind the tasks you will have to do for your plans realization. Clicking on the required record and task name link in the calendar, you will quickly proceed to their details.

  • personal goals manager community

    Community Cheering On

    You can easily share your personal daily activities and results with the community.

    You can enlist the help of folks who shared good progress for the same goals which are the most challenging for you. Community will help you with personal management to get over hurdles and enjoy getting stunning results.

    • Take living with the spirit of success
    • Set as many ambitious goals as you wish
    • Improve your habits to serve your success
    • Schedule your goals accomplishment
    • Record your successes and failures
    • Track your progress by checking your daily records
    • Share your progress with friends
Feel free to play with the DEMO.

Login Information:

Front end:
Username: demo
Password: demo
Username: demoadmin
Password: demoadmin

Note: Due to security reason some component doesn't have full functionality there
          Demo site resets every 3 hours.

Learn how the component works from our online Manual.

Installation package includes English language files only. Other languages are available for all registered JoomPlace users through Translations page.

In the chart below you could find out which languages are available for the component. Go to the Translations page to download language files.

Please, contact JoomPlace Support Team, should you have any questions.

Current translations availability:

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You are welcome to contribute to translation of the component on   project.

Version 1.2.3
Released [1-July-2014]

  • Improved: SEF URLs
  • Improved: Breadcrumbs specification
  • Improved: Plans stages & tasks management
  • New: Goals milestones status change based on user’s achievements
  • New: Separate Plans & Goals dashboard items
  • New: Goals Management toolbar
  • New: Tasklist

Version 1.2.2
Released [26-March-2014]

  • Added: Joomla! 3.3.x compatibility
  • Improved: User Interface
  • New: Breadcrumbs
  • New: Charts building based on the custom fields

Version 1.2.1
Released [01-March-2014]

  • Added: possibility to add images in templates
  • Added: option to add negative values
  • Fixed minor bugs

Version 1.2.0
Released [01-April-2013]

  • Joomla 3.0.x compatibility release.

Version 1.1.1
Released [22-February-2013]

  • Added: Week navigation for Habits.
  • Added: Content and editor-xtd plugins for Plans.
  • Added: jQuery option.
  • Added: Bootstrap options.
  • Added: Creator field in Habits.
  • Fixed: Error when creating plan from template.
  • Fixed: Habits calculations.
  • Fixed: Goals/plans progress bar color issue.
  • Fixed: Issue showing unnecessary separators in Add New menu.
  • Fixed: Issue regarding mixed names of plans and plan templates.
  • Fixed: Phrases in language files.
  • Fixed: Layout when creating objects from templates.
  • Fixed: Duplicates issue in achievements.
  • Fixed: Issue that prevented fields to be populated when creating tasks from templates.
  • Fixed: Other minor issues.

Version 1.1.0
Released [23-January-2013]

  • New: Planning feature. Users will be able to create Plans-Stages-Tasks chains.
  • New: Templates for Goals, Plans, Habits. Users will be able to create their goals, plan, habits from predefined templates.
  • New: Tasks added to chart on completion
  • Fixed: When user removed goal related data had been preserved
  • Fixed: Wrong calculations on habits chart
  • Added: Creator field to sort goals and plans
  • Added: Calendar now displaying tasks and records
  • Fixed: Sorting issues on records chart
  • Fixed: Sorting issue in habits actions list
  • Added: Today dashboard
  • Added: Option to choose color and icons for goals and plans statuses

Version 1.0.3
Released [25-May-2012]

  • Added support for Fractional numbers in result fields.
  • Added possibility to create a copy of goal in administrator's area.
  • Added possibility to assign/change owner of habit in administrator's area.
  • Improved goal's chart. Now spline chart is used.
  • Improved habit's chart. Bar chart is used to display positive and negative habits, spline chart is used to display day's summary.
  • Fixed goal's completion bar issue.

Version 1.0.2
Released [17-March-2012]

  • Fixed bugs

Version 1.0.1
Released [08-February-2012]

  • Added Joomla! 2.5 compatibility
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fixed HTML-slicing issues

Version 1.0.0
Released [22-December-2011]

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