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Profile guests

Profile Guests

JomSocial 2.8 - 3.x compatible!

Are you a highly sociable person seeking new acquaintances every day? Get our Profile Guests plugin to learn who are the visitors of your profile so you won't miss somebody you may be really interested in. Apart from displaying users the plugin also allows selecting the number of users shown on the page.

price: $19.00
Profile designer

Profile Designer

JomSocial 2.8 - 3.x compatible!

Use the plugin for selecting a profile background to make your profile stand out among others. Profile Designer allows applying a background either for the whole page or just for JomSocial. Font colour can be changed too.

price: $19.00
Graffity wall

Graffiti Wall

JomSocial 2.8 - 3.x compatible!

Would you like to make your profile more attractive and vivid? The Graffiti Wall plugin will help you and your friends share favourite videos, remarks, photos and self-drawn images. Start juicing up your profile today!

price: $19.00
JomSocial Classifieds

JomSocial Classifieds

JomSocial 2.8 - 3.x compatible!

The plugin is a simple addon for posting small classifieds and sharing them with other users. The plugin doesn't have extended functionality, except for the search option. It is just a nice app to store some personal advertisements on the profile page.

There is also a module to show latest classifieds on the page. The module displays the specified number of latest announcements.

price: $19.00
Featured photos

Featured Photos

JomSocial 2.8 - 3.x compatible!

Featured Photos allows creating a photo gallery of your most special and prominent photos! The plugin includes the option that enables you to hide pictures which you don’t want to be seen by profile visitors.

price: $19.00
Drag & Drop

JomSocial Drag & Drop

JomSocial 2.8 - 3.x compatible!

The plugin allows users to arrange JomSocial applications in a custom way. For now it is available for just user's personal profile. The Drag'n'Drop plugin saves the order of the positions without core hacks.

price: $19.00
JomSocial Survey plugin

Survey Force Deluxe with JomSocial plugin

JomSocial 2.8 - 3.x compatible!

Users can create surveys to ask others anything from philosophical things like 'What is the sense of life?' to recommendations and opinion questions like 'What camera should I choose?' People who have social network accounts should just love the ability to respond and ask such questions. Front-end authoring is supported.

Find out your Community members needs and desires! You can survey your Community members and suggest them to earn AUP points for answering your survey questions.

price: $88.00
JomSocial Goals plugin

Personal Goals Manager with JomSocial plugin

JomSocial 2.8 - 3.x compatible!

Unique Joomla! component that helps to drive your personal goals and improve habits quickly. With Personal Goals Manager you can set as many goals as you wish, schedule their accomplishment and track your success and failures easily. Community members can interact with their personal goals manager right from their JomSocial profile. Activity Stream reflects new resolutions of community members. Folks enjoy connecting around their goals, sharing results and witty bantering. It engages members in a community!

price: $69.00

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