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CheckList Joomla! Component


CheckList Joomla! extension is developed to help you and your Joomla! site visitors to create and manage checklist & to-do lists. Customizable interface and available features make CheckList software powerful and flexible management tool without limitations in using.

CheckList software is designed for Joomla! website owners & bloggers who want to attract new visitors and provide a valuable customer experience.

CheckList maker is Joomla! 3.x compatible.

CheckList usage benefits

Joomla! CheckList component will help you to differentiate your business from competitors and make your business grow! Use CheckList extension to create relevant and unique content for website pages, provide additional information about your products and services, share your ideas, experience and knowledge, interact with readers or guide them trough development process.

By integrating CheckList maker into your Joomla! website you offer a unique experience your competitors can't. Share checklists with your website users or simply give them a possibility to create and manage a variety of checklists by themselves: travel or event planning, personal & business management, web tutorials, gift registries & etc. The list is endless!

You can use Joomla! CheckList extension for:

  • Theme blogs. If you have a theme blog and want to share advices and ideas with your readers, CheckList component is right what you need! Embed CheckList extension into a post and share your expertise in a unique way. For example, you can provide must see attractions with your readers or describe stages of software implementation process, thus increase post engagement and user interaction!
  • Customer service improvement. Joomla! CheckList extension is an ideal tool for personalizing your customer service! Organize work process & maximize effectiveness by creating and managing to-do lists for each particular client or project.
  • Advertising. CheckList notes and tips is an ideal platform for placing advertisements and making an additional profit! If you are an event planner, for example, you can use "Order a wedding cake" item note of your wedding checklist for advertising a bakery.
  • Personal & business management. Create checklists that will allow your website visitors to manage business tasks and increase work productivity, plan a vacation or event, make a shopping list, control weight loss program, follow a healthy lifestyle, start renovating project & etc.

Check out the complete description of the component on the FEATURES tab above.

  • permissions settings


    • Back End - Admin can create, manage any checklists, create public checklists and set view rights;
    • Front End - Visitors can create own OR use pre-created checklists, send checklists for administrator approval;
    • Guests/registered users access rights and permissions to comment.
  • checklist search


    • Tagging system with Tag could module, advanced checklist search and sorting are intended to simplify checklist search and access;
    • The latest created/edited checklist display module;
    • “My checklists” profile display.
  • checklist decription back end


    • Customizable user profiles with editing and permission settings;
    • Checkbox and checkbox tips & notes creation, editing & removal;
    • Before/After checklists description;
    • Drag & drop option for convenient checklist editing;
    • "Copy to my Checklist" option allows using available checklists as templates.
  • meta data


    You can set for all your checklists Title, Alias, Meta Data, Custom Meta tags (e.g. Open Graph) to improve checklists’ visibility.

  • baby shower checklist


    • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integrations allow you to share created checklists & to-do lists with your friends and followers;
    • Disqus commenting system integration;
    • Star Rating System.
  • how to install wordpress checklist


    Content & xtd-buttons allow you to insert created checklists and to-do list into articles and integrate with other Joomla extensions.

  • print checklist

    Printing and PDF conversion

    An opportunity to print checklists and convert them into PDF files for offline reference and checking off on paper.

Feel free to play with DEMO 3.x.

Login Information:

Front end:
Username: demo
Password: demo
Username: demoadmin
Password: demoadmin

Note: Due to security reason some component doesn't have full functionality there
Demo site resets every 3 hours.

Patch 1.1.3
Released [10-September-2020]

  • fixed component update from versions under 1.1.2
  • added language constants for global configuration
  • removed unused Google Plus output code
  • added reset confirmation
  • increased the size of the input box

Patch 1.1.2
Released [07-April-2020]

  • Improved adding and removing tags in the admin panel
  • Added language constants for tags and user checklists
  • Fixed sample data installation
  • Improved pagination
  • Fixed ascending and descending sorting
  • Added displaying checklist author's name
  • Fixed current state printing for JoomPlace Style checklists
  • Fixed sorting by id in the admin panel
  • Fixed editing in the markdown editor
  • Many other minor improvements and fixes

Patch 1.1.1
Released [03-March-2018]

  • Security release

Patch 1.1.1
Released [25-September-2017]

  • Security issues fixed

Version 1.1.0
Released [12-August-2014]

    Standard Version

  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Added sorting by title and publishing date
  • Added checklists display as a grid
  • Professional Version

  • Added checklist printing and conversion to PDF formats
  • Rating system
  • Added sorting by title, publishing date and rating
  • "Copy to my checklist" option to use available checklists as templates
  • Added checklists display as a grid

Version 1.0.0
Released [16-May-2014]

  • Added the compatibility with Joomla! 3.x.
  • Applied native MVC coding.

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