1. I have one Joomla site but I want to have more.

Choose SiteManager Pro among our set of components for Joomla, install it and create new sites.

2. I want my registered users to be registered to my other Joomla sites.

Browse our components for Joomla, choose SynchronizeUsers CB, install it on your main site and list the sites you'd like to address.

3. I sell downloadable goods using the VirtueMart shopping cart. When I have some updates for the sold goods, I would like to have the customers being able to download these without having to mail them to a lot of customers.

Go to our components for Joomla page, download and install VersionUpdater on your site where you have VirtueMart installed, and upload / update files on your web server.

4. Having some Joomla sites, I would like to show users some of the content from my other sites.

Install the MultisitesContent and choose sites to take content from to be listed.

5. I would like to compare some products or software.

Choose ComparisonChart among our components for Joomla and put in the wanted charts, rows and coloums. Let user decide how many columns he wants to look at (AJAX).

6. I have Joomla sites with different categories, contacts, newsfeeds, etc. Can I search among all of this?

Browse our components for Joomla to choose the MultisitesSearch component and list sites and what to search among and have it on your site.

7. I want to sell solvent users access to my Joomla sites. But I also have some sites they can access for free.

You can do it with ease using Subscription Deluxe - amazing tool among other components for Joomla. Both paid and free sites can be handled.

8. How can I provide tests and exams on my Joomla site?

With JoomlaQuiz Deluxe it is very easy to do tests and quizzes. Get a tracking system where you can export the results for closer examination as well.

9. I have a special need for a function missing in Joomla. Can you help me?

If you describe your problem in details and email it to us, we can give you an estimate. We are talking about custom Joomla components development option.

10. My company uses expensive business analysis software. Can we do this in Joomla?

SurveyForce Deluxe for Joomla and Mambo component for Joomla can do this for you: decision tree, invitations, reports in bars and pie charts and much more.

11. We need to do a complete solution for managing many sites and users and need some advice.

We are always "at hand" to help you with complete solutions. Contact us for details.

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