Joomla! Drag&Drop Component

Make Your Site Flexible to Users’ Personality.

Joomla! Drag and Drop component is inspired by iGoogle, Netvibes and other popular web resources. With this Joomla! extension you can choose applications that should be displayed to the site visitors in drag-and-drop modules. Then site’s users of will be able to change the site’s pages layout according to their own preferences: move most important items to the top of the page, add new items from the list, remove not useful blocks. Users’ custom layout is applied every time they return to the site. No programming or HTML skills are required, just drag and drop the blocks of the page and enjoy!

Drag&Drop component is compatible with Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 2.5.


With Drag&Drop component the pages of your site will become personalized dashboards, easy to navigate and interactive. Make your site flexible to all users preferences, increasing their loyalty and attracting new ones:

  • Offer your site visitors to create personalized dashboard, the most comfortable for them to navigate. Users can modify the default page layout and choose what to display on the page from the list of drag-and-drop modules. They will really appreciate this opportunity and will be grateful to you.
  • Add interactivity to your site and more people will know about it as well as will become your new site users.

You can use Joomla! Drag&Drop for:

  • News sites: Follow in MyNsightTeleservices and others footsteps! They introduced personalization and made it easy to find and read information what you came for straight away. Moreover, they made it possible for users to share this information with their friends by email.
  • Corporate portal: Use drag and drop extension to equip your employees with Netvibes like customizable dashboards. Users will have quick access to all information they need every day.
  • Any other site: Make any of your sites iGoogle like and enjoy the advantages it will give you. Follow the example of others who has already benefited from using this Joomla dashboard component. See Child library site using it - Biblionova.


For Site User

A user chooses modules he wants to be available on the page from the predefined list. He just drags a module he would like to be available at his personalized page and drops it wherever he wants. When a module is dragged the component shows the positions where a user can put it on page (transparency feature is used to drag modules).

User can also select a color scheme for the page and change modules color on the page with 3 clicks. 13 colors are available.

They can manage elements by categories dynamically (if it is applied) and tell friends about them by email.

Coming back to a personalized web page user will see its own unique layout. New site visitors will see standard pages’ layout, made by the site administrator.

For Admin

You can define the drag and drop list structure: decide whether users can add modules, reset them, tell a friend about them by e-mail. The component uses cookies concept for the unauthorized visitors of your site. The settings for authorized users are saved in the database. You set the time during which the modules' location will be saved.

A built-in module specially for representation of Latest articles is available. This extra module is useful for news blog sites in particular. The module will display last articles by sections and links to articles. Users can manage last articles by categories dynamically. It will make the representation very handy.

On the whole you can as well set an icon for each draggable module. No programming skills needed. The component includes two templates for drag drop modules. If you have basic programming skills you can easily change them to your liking.


The extension can be easily integrated with any Joomla! based solution thanks to open source code. For example, Learning Management System based on Joomla! CMS is integrated with Drag&Drop component to allow students to customize their eLearning dashboards.

So I've set up my modules, my modules D&D and my list D&D. But the modules don't show unless they are published on the page on which their D&D companion is meaning there's duplication of content. Am I doing something wrong or should it be the case that the content isn't duplicated?

I have fond an easier solution to this which I offer as a way of getting round the whole template copying method of usage and this is to simply add a dragdrop to the template xml which allows you to publish the modules to this position and then allow them on every page of course because there's no associated Jdoc:include code within the template with the module position of dragdrop then this is an 'invisible' module which doesn't appear at all on any pages except in the drang and drop positions when replicating the modules in the site.

Why the Drag&Drop modules are not displayed on the page after I have opened the menu item (although a drag&drop was assigned to this menu item in the MenuManager)?

It's possible that you haven't assigned a specific template that will launch the display of drag&drop modules.

Why the Drag&Drop modules are not displayed on the page after I have opened the menu item (although a specific template was assigned to this menu item)?

It's possible you haven't selected the drag&drop which should be displayed on this link. Go to the MenuManager and do that.

Why in the drop-down list on the MenuManager page none of the drag&drop items is displayed (the only inscription is "В–Select drag&drop-")?

This means that you don't have any published drag&drop items. Go to the List Drag&Drop and publish the necessary drag&drop items.

How can I add the positions to the matrix when I choose the Structure tab on the List Drag&Drop page?

You'll see two pluses. By clicking on the upper a column will be created. By clicking on the lower a row will be created. The position will be displayed as soon as the column and the row will cross.

After I have created and saved the module positions, the columns displayed at the frontend don't have the width I wanted.

This can be set once the structure is saved. On the tab Options you'll see the field for Size DIV Column # (the numbering starts from the left). Here you can set the width of each column that contains a block. It can be set either in pixels or in percentage of the block's output area width.

The icon image is not displayed after is has been saved in the Drag&Drop item.

It is possible that you didn't set copywrite on the folder where the images are relocated. Set the attributes 0777 on the folder "images/joomdragdrop_images/".

How can I change the color of modules' edging?

It's necessary to edit the images with the help of which the edging is created. They are located in the following folder (/components/com_joomdragdrop/images) and have the following names: box-bl.gif, box-br.gif, box-tl.gif, box-tl.gif. It's not allowed to change the files' names and extensions.

Some modules show and some don't although all are published. In most of the cases bar a few they are blank. Why is that?

Modules that you are using in the component should be published for a page (Pages/Items in the module's edit page) where the component is output.

I find that none of the tab navigation exists i.e there is no send to a friend, delete nor minimise. Nor can i drag nor drop!! If I make the structure 2 rows by one column then this comes back. Why is this?

Our component conflicts with mootools. It's better to unpublish its modules, and you can just show them on other pages where our component won't be used. As an alternative, you can also publish that module in a different part of the template (and not as a drag and drop module) then it co-exists on the same page as the drag and drop component.

How do you change the CSS?

You can change the css at: http://yoursite.com/components/com_joomdragdrop/style.css

Version 2.1.5 [31-May-2012]

  • Joomla! 2.5 compatible release

Version 2.1.4 [31-January-2012]

  • fixed Bug in Customize Panel
  • show List Drag&Drop when Customize Panel is disabled
  • j1.7 - 2.1.4 lang added: fr-FR, nl-NL, de-DE, es-ES,sv-SE

Version 2.1.3 [18-August-2011]

  • Joomla! 1.7 compatible release

Version 2.1.2

  • IE 9 compatible release

Version 2.1.1

  • developed the module ‘Latest articles (embedded)’ which display the sections, categories and links to the system’s articles
  • added the component representation template choice (2 representation templates)
  • modules’ position at the page is saved for the authorized users

Installation package includes English language files only. Other languages are available for all registered JoomPlace users through Translations page.

In the chart below you could find out which languages are available for the component. Go to the Translations page to download language files.

Please, contact JoomPlace Support Team, should you have any questions.

Current translations availability:

Joomla 1.5 version

View translations

Joomla 2.5 version

View translations

You are welcome to contribute to translation of the component on   project.

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