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HTML5 Flipping Book Joomla! Component

*The ImageMagick library (version 6.8.9 and higher) should be installed on your server. During the conversion PDF files will be converted to images.

HTML5 Flipping Book Joomla extension allows you to create digital content like e-books, online magazines, products catalogues with page flip, reader-friendly controls and embed them right on your Joomla site. Visitors can view publications using web browsers and mobile devices.

You can insert pictures, text, links, sound, video into digital publications to make them look more realistic.

Flipping book component is 3.X Joomla compatible!

Why to use this extension?

With HTML5 Flipping Book Joomla Component you can create content matching current search engines requirements right on your Joomla! site. Due to HTML5 possibilities any book, magazine or portfolio, made using this Flipping book extension, can be displayed on any mobile device correctly.

This Joomla Flipping Book application is developed to make your digital publications look realistic, personalized and attract customers’ attention. People can flip pages of e-book, online newspaper, etc., with a finger touch and feel like holding a real one or in automated mode.

HTML5 is supported by all modern web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)  and mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets). It doesn’t make the website heavier and guarantees fast loading time unlike Flash.

Who was Joomla HTML5 Flipping Book extension designed for?

  • A business owner, supervisor and manager can use it to create a catalogue with products’ description and prices; digital presentation or collaboration tutorials, flyers or brochures for business partners. No more printed papers and cutting costs at the same time!
  • Fashion, style, make up professionals and photographers. This Joomla Flipping software is perfectly suitable for creating a colorful e-portfolio or a digital magazine from the latest fashion show.
  • eLearning specialists. Studying materials can be easily converted into interactive books with flipping pages that will make e-learning process enjoyable. Students will become mobile and not attached to their PC stations. Using mobile devices, they will be able to study anytime and anywhere as soon as they get a free minute.
  • eCommerce or mass media owner. Increase audience or customer’s engagement and sales by creative way of content presentation: newspaper, pricelist and product’s presentation. Include images, YouTube video and links.
  • Joomla sites owners to make content more attractive and interactive.
  • A regular person. A surprising way of presenting wedding, vacations or birthdays photos.

Check out the complete description of the component on the FEATURES tab above.

  • html5 flipping book compatibility MOBILE FRIENDLY
    • iPad 3-5, iPhones, iPods, Android compatibility
    • Mobile Reader
    • No need to upload any additional software
  •  html5 flipping book table of content CONVENIENT NAVIGATION
    • Zoom & Full Screen Mode
    • Clear hierarchy: categories->magazines->pages
    • Table of contents
    • Smart pagination with thumbnails (quick page navigation with preview)
    • Publications conversion to txt, pdf, mobi, epub, fb2 formats. Integration with CloudConvert service
    • Publication conversion from pdf*.
    • “Go to page” menu allows jumping to a certain page
    • Left-to-right or right-to-left reading
    • Text Search Plugin
  • *The ImageMagick library (version 6.8.9 and higher) should be installed on your server.
  • html5 flipping book control panel


    • You can set a range of colors (both background and font) and create wide range of own personalized templates
    • You can choose screen resolution and set up a necessary size of a page for any digital publication to make users’ experience smooth
    • Added to a template Display shadow option
    • Note! Resolution is the size of ONE page of the Publication in pixels.
    • Easy page flipping
    • Defined display mode: Direct link, Popup Window & Joomla modal window
    • Description addition for every created e-book or online magazine
  • html5 flipping book media pages


    HTML5 based flip book maker, in comparison with flash versions, allows both common media files (images, video, sound, pdf) and all available HTML features use while creating a publication, including video files or YouTube / Vimeo video Urls and sound files (mp3, ogg, wav, m4a).

  • seo optimized flipping book


    One of the main advantages of digital magazines and online books, created with the help of this software, is that they are indexed by search engines as opposed to flash based ones. SEO friendliness is ensured by:

    • Meta and Open graph data
    • Unique URL for each magazine's double-page spread
  • joomla flipping book social management


    • Social integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
    • Email Sharing. Publications can be easily emailed to a friend.
  • reading room


    • The latest opened publication with continue reading option
    • Reading list
    • Favorite list
    • Bookshelf view
    • Book Statistics
    • Mark as read/display/hide read publications

    Content and button plugins enable users to insert created HTML5 eBooks and magazines into the articles, modules or any third-party extensions by providing links to them. By clicking HTML5 Flipping Book button at the bottom of HTML-editor menu, the user will be able to choose any available on the site publication and insert a link to it. The content will open in a lightbox or a popup window.

    Review our online manual to learn more about the component configuration HERE.

Feel free to play with DEMO 3.x.

Login Information:

Front end:
Username: demo
Password: demo
Username: demoadmin
Password: demoadmin

Note: Due to security reason some component doesn't have full functionality there
Demo site resets every 3 hours.

Patch 2.2.6
Released [01-October-2021]

  • Replaced the HTML-editor with the default editor
  • Added RTL, rtl-slider
  • Added 'jpeg' format to allowed types of files
  • Added the 'Show creation time' option
  • Adjusted book height calculation to remove vertical scroll in the modal window

  • Fixes:
  • Saving permissions changes
  • Adding images to the publication using the editor button 'Image'
  • Unpublished publications displaying on the site
  • Saving manual ordering input in the list of pages
  • Displaying of the uploaded thumbnail in publication editing
  • Metadata output in categories and publications
  • Category styles when marking the publication as (un)read
  • Downloading books via HTTPS
  • Penultimate page appearing before the cover in a book with an odd number of pages
  • Сode refactoring, many minor improvements and fixes

Patch 2.2.5
Released [30-March-2018]

  • Formats disappearing after reorder fixed
  • Iframe position in Joomla modal window fixed
  • JS error in magazine layout fixed
  • Image paths for site in subfolder fixed
  • Black background after PDF conversion fixed
  • Last opened publication saving fixed

Patch 2.2.4
Released [17-January-2018]

  • Zoom on mobile fix
  • Book thumbnail in article fix

Patch 2.2.3
Released [03-January-2018]

  • 'About' section fixes
  • Conversion to PDF fix
  • PDF download button fix

Version 2.2.2
Released [27-December-2017]

    Functionality Improvements:
  • Page by page conversion from PDF (Pro version)
  • Auto resize of images to match resolution
  • PDF download button on a single publication page
  • Support of Imagick prior to 3.4.3RC2 (Pro version)

  • UI Improvements:
  • 'About' section on the Control Panel
  • Configuration screen improved
  • Fullscreen mode support for iOS devices
  • HTML pages' text adaptive in fullscreen

  • Fixes added for:
  • Slider preview images
  • Publication zooming issues
  • Installation issues
  • Flipping sound selection
  • Router issues
  • Pages numbering
  • Conversion sizing issues
  • Search by publication title
  • Email sending
  • Minor issues on profile page
  • German language
  • Image resizing in landscape mode
  • Slider navigation
  • Sites in subfolders
  • Warnings and notices
  • Image files removal
  • Typos

Patch 2.1.2
Released [07-June-2017]

  • Magazine layout fix
  • Loading pages from subfolder fix
  • PDF conversion opacity fix

Patch 2.1.1
Released [01-June-2017]

  • Fixed issue with one page not loading
  • Fixed columns default value (caused error in Category view)
  • Fixed Social Integration settings issue

Version 2.1.0
Released [05-May-2017]

  • Landscape pages
  • Page flip sound
  • Grid layout
  • Fixes for installation issues

Version 2.0.0
Released [01-February-2017]

  • Adaptive design
  • Mobile compatibility
  • 'Back to first page' button added
  • Landscape page design
  • Social buttons in a book on/off switch
  • Joomla Smart Search plugin
  • Short and Full description option with Readmore
  • 3rd party plugins in the description allowed
  • General optimizations
  • Optimization for osX
  • Sharing by email improvements
  • Fullscreen mode issues fixed
  • OG meta tags issues fixed
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Minor translation improvements

Version 1.0.6
Released [14-November-2014]

    Pro version

  • Added Joomla 2.5 compatible version (no longer supported)
  • Resizing publication on tablets
  • Saving original images and resizing when creating / editing publication pages
  • Minor bug fixing
  • Standard version

  • Resizing publication on tablets
  • Saving original images and resizing when creating / editing publication pages
  • Minor bug fixing

Version 1.0.5
Released [12-August-2014]

    Pro version

  • Added option to convert publication to txt, pdf, mobi, epub, fb2 formats
  • Added integration with CloudConvert service
  • Minor bug fixing
  • Standard version

  • Minor bug fixing

Version 1.0.4
Released [22-July-2014]

    Pro version

  • Zoom and Full Screen Mode
  • Reading room with list and bookshelf view
  • Option to save user settings and the latest opened publication
  • Hardcover template
  • Hardcover template
  • Email to friend option
  • Search plugin
  • PDF converter
  • Standard version

  • Zoom and Full Screen Mode
  • Minor bugs fixing

Version 1.0.3
Released [16-Jun-2014]

  • Added mobile reader
  • Added Go To page navigation settings
  • Added pagination for category page
  • Fixed minor bugs

Version 1.0.2
Released [31-Jan-2014]

  • Bugfix: Insert Publication tag
  • Bugfix: large size publications position
  • Bugfix: popup display mode
  • Bugfix: Content and Button plugins
  • Added addition page class - hard-cover

Version 1.0.0
Released [3-Jan-2014]

  • Added the compatibility with Joomla! 3.x.
  • Applied native MVC coding.

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