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JoomBlog Component is a Joomla! extension which makes it easy to set up a blog directory on your web site and manage it effectively. The component needs no design adjustments as it takes all styles from your site’s template. This is a SEO-friendly blog extension with the built-in Joomla! plugin for Search Engine Optimization.

JoomBlog is compatible with Joomla! 3.x.

The Joomla! blogging extension comes with a FREE WordPress to Joomla converter. This conversion plugin allows you to migrate your WordPress blog to Joomla! and keep all articles.

The component has Social Network integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It can also be integrated with Disqus commenting service.


It is unbelievable easy to start your blog quickly with JoomBlog!

Free conversion plugin makes it a snap to migrate from WordPress to JoomBlog.

Is it going to be a new blog? Start your blog quickly with any of the two sample blogs containing three posts each which are delivered with the JoomBlog package.

What can you use JoomBlog component for?

  • Diary or Personal Blog: you can use Joomla! blogging component both for personal and professional purposes. Keep a diary if you want to share your life experience with other people. If you are a professional in the particular field, JoomBlog will be a perfect tool for your promotion as an expert. You can make online portfolio too with this extension.
  • Corporate Blog: using this Joomla! blog extension for marketing collaboration, you will drive more traffic and leads to your site. Welcome team blogging for Joomla site to provide users with fresh and useful information as frequently as possible!
  • Internal Corporate Communications: you can easily use JoomBlog for internal communications as well as for Social eLearning within your company. All you need is to create several blogs and distribute them to different professionals giving them authoring rights. Let your staff share their experience with colleagues through blog posts!

The blog extension is delivered with six free modules in one package. Using this Joomla! blog component you get easy-to-use tool with many useful features and settings. No tons of cluttered elements slowing your blog down!

Check out the complete description of the component on the FEATURES tab above.

  • joomblog navigation

    Clean & Tight Navigation for Readers

    Toolbar Menu allows displaying or hiding a bulk of items in the toolbar main menu (Bloggers, Blogger Posts, Blog Posts, Categories, Category Posts, Archives, Tags). You are also free to change titles and order of menu items making navigation through your blog as easy as possible for the readers.

    JoomBlog allows creating an author’s profile and displaying an author panel with contact information (photo, description, site URL, social media accounts, etc.) at the end of each post.

    A cute “Random post” button which can be placed at the bottom of every post will give your readers possibility to try their luck moving to a random blog post.

    Global blog search can be done using the incorporated search tool. Users are free to carry out search using blogger’s name, key words and tags.

    The eye-catching picture set as a Default post image will be displayed on the title page of a blog, drawing more readers’ attention to a post.

  • joomblog social sharing

    Social Sharing Options

    Slick social share buttons are built in JoomBlog. Easy sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest help you to engage readers into promoting your writings in Social Media and improve your content marketing. Thanks to Open Graph protocol support a link to your new blog post at the engaged reader Facebook stream reinforced with media-rich preview.

    Embed code and Social share buttons for post images and videos allow users embed the images and videos on other sites and share such content via Social Media accordingly. Drive more traffic to your Joomla! site!

  • joomblog commenting system

    Commenting Systems

    JoomBlog component has its own built-in commenting system for blog posts empowered with anti-spam CAPTCHA to protect your Joomla! blog from spam attacks. The commenting system makes it easy to moderate comments checking them in a grid view at the back-end.

    Thanks to WYSIWYG editor users can create visually pleasing comments.

    Threshold to Collapse useless comments allows hiding the comments the readers find useless automatically. The admin should set up the certain number of dislike for the comment (e.g. “dislike = -5) considered to be useless. All the comments with such a number of negative votes will be collapsed automatically. To read them, the users will have to unhide them manually.

    JoomBlog extension is also integrated with Disqus service and benefit advantages of the global comment system.

  • RSS Feeds

    Blog readers can subscribe for blog RSS feeds. There’s RSS feed for every blog and global feed for all blog posts.

    Pay attention to integration of JoomBlog with Google FeedBurner giving you advanced possibilities to manage RSS feeds and analyze your blog performance.

  • joomblog team blogging

    Team Blogging

    With JoomBlog extension you can choose team blogging environment working better for you. Your team blogging environment might look like:

    • a single Team blog and give multiple bloggers permission to contribute to it;
    • a number of personal blogs on the same site for every author of your team;
    • multiple thematic and general blogs contributed by a number of your team members.

    It is possible to give different permissions to blog users: you decide which members have administrative authority and those who are just authors. All the blogs you create on one site can be available in one interface and listed in a free module List of Blogs.

    Personalize your Team blog site! JoomBlog allows a profile creation for every author enriched with avatar or photo.

  • joomblog front-end management

    Front-end management dashboard

    Using front-end management dashboard you can manage all your blogs and create new ones right from the front-end easily! You can add post/blog, edit blog settings as well as provide permissions who can post and who can view this blog. Familiar the front-end blog dashboard features you'd expect are available:

    • Category creation and, assignment of a post to several categories is possible;
    • Tabs creation;
    • ‘Read more…’ text changing;
    • Adding meta parameters;
    • HTML editor usage possibility;
    • Basic privacy policy management for new posts.

    All the blogs you create on one site can be available in one interface and listed in a free module List of Blogs.

    Users can choose which blogs they would like to read. The content of the selected blogs is displayed conveniently in the Personal Reading list on the Front-end management dashboard.

    There’re ‘draft’, ‘published’ and ‘unpublished’ statuses of a post. When you don’t possess the full information for your post you can save it as a draft not filling in the compulsory post fields. When the post will be ready to be published, just change its ‘draft’ status for ‘published’.

    You can publish the required blog post automatically at any time you wish enabling ‘Delayed posts’ option.

  • joomblog admin options

    Useful Admin Options

    The latest posts displayed at the top of the list in the admin interface by default. You can change the order by any column of the posts list: Title, Category, Author, Creation date, Publishing date, Expiration date, Hits, Status or ID.

    Tag-based filtering will make posts management a snap. Use the special pop-up menu to filter your posts by tags easily.

    The JoomBlog component uses the built-in Joomla! plugin for Search Engine Optimization. It is developed to keep your blogs SEO-friendly without additional efforts.

  • joomblog template

    Customizable Blog’s Template

    This Joomla! blog component picks your site’s template styles immediately after installation. It uses colours and fonts of your site and you don’t need spend time on choosing the appropriate template or pay for customization.

    Flexible blog section menu settings, it is possible to publish and hide elements of the blog component. Use FREE MODULES coming in a package with the blogging component to configure your own personal user-friendly layout:

    • Tag Cloud, shows all tags users added in the blog section, the font size of the tag is bigger if it is assigned to a lot of posts;
    • Popular Bloggers, shows bloggers whose posts have the highest number of hits;
    • List of Blogs;
    • Categories, displays categories for blogs created to sort out articles between them. One blog post can be published into several categories.
    • Latest Posts;
    • Archive, allows users to filter posts using links in the module or special calendar.

    No matter how many blogs you create on one site they can be available in one interface. Two sample blogs containing three posts each are available now to help you start quickly.

  • extended blog control

    Extended Blog Control

    Access Control Level feature enables extended control of the blog component. JoomBlog supports standard Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0 Access Control Level (ACL). Use it to define which users are granted access to different elements of the blog, as well as what operations they are allowed to do on blog posts, for example, view, add, delete posts.

Feel free to play with the DEMO.

Login Information:

Front end: Username: demo Password: demo
Administrator: Username: demoadmin Password: demoadmin

Note: Due to security reason some component doesn't have full functionality there Demo site resets every 3 hours.

To figure out how to use the component, please go through the full online documentation.

Should any questions arise, feel free to contact us via helpdesk.


Patch 1.3.3
Released [12-July-2017]

  • PHP 7.1 compatibility added
  • JED Checker added

Version 1.3.1
Released [11-April-2016]


    • Template Responsiveness
    • Blog layout, comments, blogger statistics and admin panel UX


    • Joomla 3.5 and PHP 7 compatibility

    Version 1.3.0
    Released [10-April-2014]


    • NEW Front-end & Back-end wysiwyg editor
    • Image manager for wysiwyg editor
    • Gravatar service support


      • Edit post button now is everywhere
      • Individual RSS feed for every Blog
      • Basic template style fix
      • Update cache method for modules
      • New avatar system

        BUGS FIXED:

      • SQL Total refactoring

      Version 1.2.0
      Released [24-June-2013]


      • Front-end management Dashboard
      • Personal Reading list on dashboard
      • Import/Export posts
      • Threshold for Collapse useless comments
      • Embed code and Social share for post images
      • Post statuses and Access control
      • Edit blog settings from front-end
      • Author panel at the end of post
      • Google+ Authorship
      • reCaptcha for comments
      • Delayed posts


        • Latest posts now can be configured more flexible
        • Now every blog has its own RSS feed
        • Admin may configure who should be displayed in Bloggers list
        • Improved reCaptcha styling
        • Default post image
        • Who can view this blog option available for every blogger

          BUGS FIXED:

          • Component can't be installed/reinstalled on some servers
          • Captcha was not displayed but Invalid Security Code is displayed
          • User should see only blogs he owns
          • Who can comment on this post permission was not working
          • Errors on post and comments creation
          • Drafts were not displayed on front-end dashboard
          • Bug when moving from draft to posts
          • Conflict with JFBConnect
          • Not displaying posts
          • Expiration date was not working
          • Bug with meta-data
          • Pagination was working incorrectly
          • Upload file was not working when choosing Post Image
          • HTML5 editor was not saving line breaks
          • Category deletion breaks structure
          • Warnings in settings

          Version 1.1.0
          Released [10-April-2013]

          • Joomla 3.0 compatibility release

          Version 1.0.9
          Released [13-December-2012]

          • Additional template style added
          • Fixed avatar display in comments
          • Changed class of language select at the "new post" form
          • Fixed empty url to post comments when Disqus is on
          • Minor bug fixes

          Version 1.0.8
          Released [01-August-2012]

          • Improvement release
          • !NEW! WordPress to JoomBlog converter
          • Minor bug fixes

          Version 1.0.7
          Released [31-May-2012]

          • Post statuses changed to: Drafts, Posts, Archive
          • Added Pinterest integration
          • Added possibility to filter posts by tags from back end
          • Added possibility to filter posts by categories, titles etc. from back end
          • Added FeedBurner integration
          • Fixed the "read more" option
          • Added the "Random post" button
          • Added ordering by date

          Version 1.0.6
          Released [26-January-2012]

          • Fixed minor bugs
          • Fixed bug with displaying comments, added from backend
          • Updated blog description (editor+)

          Version 1.0.5
          Released [29-December-2011]

          • Added Joomla! 2.5 compatibility
          • Fixed minor bugs
          • Fixed HTML-slicing issues

          Version 1.0.4
          Released [01-December-2011]

          • Added option "Show primary title & description"
          • Added search plug-in plg_search_joomblog (another search option besides the embedded one)
          • Added the plug-in manager section to the component
          • Fixed JS error when tool bar is hidden
          • Fixed auto approve feature
          • Fixed @Sample data@ bug
          • Fixed Captcha bug, figures are more legible
          • Updated notifications
          • Fixed HTML-slicing issues

          Version 1.0.3
          Released [20-September-2011]

          • Huge code revision
          Administrator Panel:
          • Updated Settings
          • Added integration with Google+
          • Added integration with Facebook
          • Added integration with Twitter
          • Added integration with LinkedIn
          • Updated integration with Disqus service for managing comments
          • Updated integration with AddThis service for social sharing featuresmenu items (Blogger Posts, Category Posts, Archives, Tags, Blog Posts).
          • Updated permission system
          Front End:
          • Added social buttons to list of posts and/or to posts
          • Multicategories
          • Updated RSS
          • Changed order of entries in the posts list: blog->post title, category title.
          • Added the ability to give access to create a blog

          Version 1.0.2
          Released [22-August-2011]

          • Joomla! 1.7 compatible release
          Version 1.0.1
          Released [03-August-2011]
          • Huge code revision.
          Administrator Panel:
          • Added a section allowing user to manage JoomBlog bloggers.
          • Added a section allowing user to manage blogs.
          • Added integration with Disqus service for managing comments.
          • Added integration with AddThis service for social sharing features.
          • Added advanced settings allowing user to adjust the arrangement of main menu items in the front-end toolbar.
          • Changed Sample Data. Two demo blogs containing three posts each are available.
          • New menu types available when creating menu items (Blogger Posts, Category Posts, Archives, Tags, Blog Posts).
          • Bug fixes
          Front End:
          • Added new menu items to the toolbar main menu (Bloggers, Categories, Archives, Tags). Menu items can be either displayed or hidden. Added possibility to change titles and order of menu items.
          • Added the Previous and Next buttons allowing user to navigate between posts.
          • Added the Back to Top button to the toolbar of every post in the post list.
          • Changed order of entries in the posts list: blog->post title, category title.
          • Bug fixes

          Version 1.0.0
          Released [21-February-2011]

Installation package includes English language files only. Other languages are available for all registered JoomPlace users through Translations page.

In the chart below you could find out which languages are available for the component. Go to the Translations page to download language files.

Should any questions arise, feel free to contact JoomPlace Support Team.

Current translations availability:

Joomla 2.5 version

Joomla 3.x version

You are welcome to contribute to translation of the component on   project.

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