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JoomPortfolio - Another Joomla! Portfolio for You!

Joomla Portfolio

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Let everyone see your achievements using this Joomla! portfolio component!

JoomPortfolio is a Joomla! portfolio component for Joomla! CMS designed to enable you to arrange your projects and present your works to the visitors of your site. Moreover, component may not necessarily be used as a portfolio — it can as well be referred to as a catalogue for any kind of items.

JoomPortfolio allows you to create a full portfolio of your works and integrate it with your site as a separate portfolio section.

  • navigation joomportfolio

    Convenient navigation

    All your works will be divided into categories which are, in their turn, are divided into sections. Alphabetical search simplifies a necessary portfolio item search.

  • Joomla Portfolio custom fields

    Rich customization options

    For each work you have separate fields where you can specify, for example, the time it took you to complete the project, the technologies used, etc. You can also edit/delete these fields and create your own custom fields. A portfolio template can be edited from Back End, an administrator can set custom fields both for categories & for each particular item modifying a category template. Sample data is available in BE as well.

    You can set:

    • hits counter;
    • define the number of items to be shown on the page;
    • show/hide the description of sections and categories;
    • show intro text on the start page;
    • enter metadata (metadescription, metakeys, author);
    • set the thumbnails and preview size;
    • edit css for your portfolio for component and in module;
    • create a language for your portfolio and translate the front-end labels.
  • media rich portfolio

    Media rich portfolio

    You can add images, videos, audio and PDF files to the description to let everyone see how your works look like.

  • joomportfolio example

    Social options

    Social networks integration (Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) allows portfolio & portfolio items sharing and recommendation. Website visitors can leave comments on your portfolio works; add votes and stars for each portfolio item thus showing their feedback and involvement.
    Disqus commenting system is supported.

  • Plugins & Modules

    Joomla! portfolio component supports content plugins which allows using all built-in Joomla features and a plugin for ArtioJoom Sef component that rewrites URLs to make them SEO-friendly. The extension comes with the module that will show the latest works from the portfolio section of your site (set the number of last works to show, the number of sections and categories).

Version 2.1.1
Released [12 June 2014]

  • Joomla! 3.x compatible release
  • Added pdf, audio and video upload option
  • Added comments
  • Added template and css editting from the back-end

Version 2.0.1
Released [29 August 2011]

  • Joomla! 1.6 and 1.7 compatible release
  • Added the Rating system
  • Updated plugins
  • Added possibility to import data from Joomla! 1.5
  • Added new categories system
  • Added integration with services Disqus and AddThis
  • Added modular grid based html/css on the front-end
  • Added new template
  • Added new plugins

Version 1.2.1
Released [30 April 2011]

  • Added new permissions system
  • Updated plugins

Version 1.0.3
Released [02 August 2010]

  • added new custom field for items (URL)

Released [28 July 2010]
  • added items ordering

Released [27 July 2010]
  • added new option "Ordering"

Version 1.0.2
Released [24 June 2010]

  • added ability to add more than just 4 images to item
  • added ability to add the title and author to each of the images

Released [23 April 2010]
  • added new field types for the elements description (text field, textarea, email field)
  • content plugins support
  • added metadata for items (metadescription, metakeys, author)
  • fixed the way titles were shown (section name, category and element are shown in the title)
  • SEO improvements (plugin for the ArtioJoom Sef component)
  • fixed the errors of the image upload

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Franck Scipion
    Thanks a lot for allowing us to test your excellent products, and we will not hesitate to recommend your solution. It does what it says, and does it well !!!
Dedicated software development team
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