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Joomla! Support Services

Running a website may often involve collaborative work of multiple experts. JoomPlace Support Team provides full-blown Joomla! website maintenance that saves you time and money and allows avoiding problems. You are welcome to make use of our offer if you need help with Joomla! set up and configuration, components integration, and customization. We are ready to help you resolve any Joomla!-related issues. And also provide a piece of advice about things not really related to Joomla!, like hosting, SEO, marketing, etc. We will do our best to give you what you need.

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Choose any or both of our services!

Usually our customers order maintenance contract + some prepaid hours

Prepaid Support Packages

Best for quick fixes and extensions configuration

  • Security issues, Layout issues, Configuration, Help for any Joomla! extensions, editor tasks and more...
  • Help on demand
  • You decide when you need our help and may submit as many tickets as you want

  • No monthly fee, only actual spent hours based on your requests
  • Full control over time/money spent. We estimate time and agree any work to be done. Time is billed per minutes.

Joomla! Maintenance Contract

Best for ongoing background support

  • Periodic updates, security and availability monitoring, solid site backups and on demand restore
  • Detect/fix website downtime (every 30 min we check your site) to prevent loss of clients, revenue and profits.

  • No need to submit requests
  • Our proactive support continuously track updates for your site and fix stability and security issues within agreed scope. We do backup on regular basis.

  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • You have a single point of contact
    who manages tasks for your company

  • Multiple web sites maintenance
  • 'No Ties' support agreements
  • Cancel when you want

  • Initial Response Time: 24 hours
  • Critical Requests: 4 business hours
  • Tickets, Skype, phone available
Support Service Package
Price per hour $30

Total $90

Still unsure?

Support for every stage of Joomla! website life cycle

Why need professional support

We all know that when website goes down or you need some quick changes to the website but nobody is available to do them, stress and immediate frustration of staff follows. Downtime or non-availability of quick changes means lost money and productivity, sometimes even lost business growth opportunities. Because of this, your website Support provision should be regarded as an essential business requirement.

Proceeding from our experience, the sites where platforms and components are not updated in time often become victims of hackers attacks that cause site inoperability for days and even weeks. For such cases prevention we offer Joomla maintenance contract to ensure your web site security through a number of measures directed at getting rid of your resource vulnerabilities.

Every business wants a trouble-free environment, we want exactly the same thing for you. Through pro-active management of your Joomla! website and Professional Support from our experienced teams, you can rest assured that, no matter what the problem is, you’re in safe hands.

With our Prepaid Support packages you get unlimited support that covers Help Desk, Chat, Phone Support whereby you send a request. One of our trained Support Engineers will discuss your problem and assist you in providing a resolution. This service is unlimited and you can send as many requests as you need!

There are no rate caps, no "well you have reached your limit this month", and no excuses. What’s more, with guaranteed response times and unparalleled customer service, your business is in the safest of hands.

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