Requirements for Joomla Components

  • All components published on the site work on
    Joomla CMS (сompatible Joomla versions differ for each component. Please check
    the component's description page or contact us to ensure its compatibility ).

    You may use each individual product with a single installation on the live site. You can't use one copy of the component for several domains. You can also install it at
    the Test domain with a 100 days limited usage.

Joomla CMS requirements:
You can find detailed Joomla CMS technical requirements at its official site here.

How to check if your server has ionCube installed:

You can check if it's available on your domain using our License Manager
Just install it via standard Joomla install and launch it as a usual component.

Check the following page to learn the steps for licensing our components on your domain.

How to install ionCube loader:
  • Go to this page and download the required loaders. It is most likely that your server has Linux OS and you need Linux (x86) loaders. After you've defined the required package, download it and unpack at you local computer
  • At the root folder of your site create a folder 'ioncube' and place the required .so
    or .dll file in it
  • Copy the file ioncube-loader-helper.php to your site root directory, run it from the browser and follow the instructions (you should select 'run-time loading installation' method)
  • If the installation didn't succeed, you can find the detailed instructions for manual installation here
You can always find more detailed information about ionCube at its official site here.

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