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Support Service Package
Price per hour $30

Total $90

If your business does not have its own IT personnel or support contract, and you are not ready to commit to one, our prepaid support services are perfect for when the unexpected happens.

Our support team is always on hand to create the best service offers to match your needs. If you've got a problem or just need to know 'how to', we are here to help.

You simply purchase a prepaid support package, which will give you access to a wide range of technical support services for any Joomla! related issues, whether they are for security, layout, configuration or help with any Joomla! extensions, product migration to another platform, editor tasks, etc. You can also order Joomla! installation, system backup and monitoring, troubleshooting or system update.

Please, contact our support staff to find out how many support hours are required in order to supply the necessary service or resolve an issue.

Kindly note that the minimum support package available for purchase is 3 hours.

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Need custom development?

It frequently happens that customer needs custom development service as an essential part of support.

What happens when you prepaid for support (where Joomla! administrator, web master works) and it turns out that you need custom development (where Joomla! developer is needed)? Once that happens you can use your prepaid support hours for custom development taking in mind that 1 development hour = 1.5 support hours. That’s it.

Prepaid Services

Submit a ticket with any Joomla related issue via our Online Helpdesk. Describe an issue and we will provide the best solution. Please see the details on Joomla support areas that JoomPlace Support Service Team can take care of.
Joomla Hosting


The proper choice of hosting is a guarantee of stable operation and performance of the website. We will help you choose and operate the hosting, specially optimized for Joomla! sites.

Joomla Installation


This includes Joomla! installation and primary setup of the live website or a development environment. On your request we will install the CMS, as well as plugins, modules and components (created by JoomPlace and/or 3rd parties).

Joomla Configuration and Settings

Configuration & Settings

Extending CMS by components, modules and plugins could turn it into powerful portal, social network or a personal blog. On your request we'll carry out Joomla configuration and integrate the best extensions with necessary settings to fulfill your needs.

Joomla Development

Editor work & Custom Development

We understand that configuring Joomla website could often require more than just correct installation and configuration of template, components, modules and plugins. That's why we have simplified the procedure of getting custom Joomla development and editor work for Support Service subscribers. Now you can use support hours for JoomPlace Custom Development, Editor Work as well.

Search Engine Optimization for Joomla

Search Engine Optimization

Make your website more visible for your audience. Our Joomla Support Team will analyze keywords on your pages and make a complex analysis of website SEO potential. As a result we will configure your website to be more SEO friendly and effective.

Joomla Security

Security & Backups

Is your website secure enough? We will perform security tests and generate vulnerability report that will advise how to eliminate the threats. We can set up recurrent backup of your site and its database to provide you with easy possibility to restore your data in case of any emergency or critical trouble.

Joomla Updates


Use JoomPlace Support Service to make updates of your Joomla web site or its components easily and smoothly. We will take care of any compatibility issue that may occur. On your request we can carry out one-time update or keep your site up-to-date continuously.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask. It's simple - submit your request to JoomPlace Support Team.

Service Policy

Response time

Working hours: from 6am to 2pm (GMT) Monday through Friday.
The support department is closed on weekends and public holidays.

Response times may vary based on ongoing requests in the work queue. Average response time is 1 business day.

Support Channels

There are several ways of getting in touch with JoomPlace:

The main and most effective way to contact us is Helpdesk. You can submit any questions via this channel. Technical support requiring bug-fixing is provided only via Helpdesk. If you report a problem using another way of communication, we will request you to submit a Helpdesk ticket as well.

Skype and Facebook are intended for presales questions about products and services.

The forum is designed for the community and peer-to-peer communication. We do not provide technical support via forum.

Please avoid submitting the same request multiple times and/or in different channels to emphasize the urgency. We reserve the right to remove the duplicated messages and continue correspondence through one source only.


We will only refund the purchase in case we fail to help you in resolving issues. To resolve it, we may need you to provide full access to FTP, Joomla! Admin and database consoles. If you refuse to grant these credentials, the refund will not be issued. The deadline for any refund claim is 20 days after the purchase date.

Refunds are not issued if you change your mind and don’t want to use our service. If you have doubts about prepaying the service, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to answer any pre-sales questions for free.

Our company reserves the right to change or modify current policy with no prior notice.

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GDPR compliant.
However, we are not fully there yet.

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