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Published on February 8, 2019

Subscription Policy

Our company reserves the right to change or modify current policy without prior notice. The altered version becomes effective within 2 business days after it is published on our website (https://www.joomplace.com).

Annual Subscription
The annual subscription includes:

  • Access to the installation package on our website
  • Minor/major version updates for 1 year
  • Bug-fixing and installation service (if requested)
  • Technical support for the full duration of the subscription

The subscription fee varies for different components and is listed on the component's description page. Once the annual subscription ends, your Member's Area will retain the version of the latest release prior to the expiration date.

A renewal gives you the option to extend your subscription for an additional year. There is no obligation to renew your subscription. You can use the components for as long as you wish. You can renew your subscription whenever you want to start receiving the latest updates and support for another year.

If you are subscribed to any of our component you are granted a non-exclusive right to use the component and accompanying documentation.

The code is made available to you pursuant to GNU General Public License. Without limiting your rights under the GPL, the component and related documentation are subject to the terms and conditions of this end-user license agreement.

You are authorized to make any necessary modification(s) to our products to fit your purposes without prior written consent from JoomPlace. However, once the code is changed by you we will support the modified component only on a paid basis.

JoomPlace has no influence on the development of Joomla!. All products are always designed for the latest released version, but we can give no guarantee that the product will run with future versions of Joomla.

Our components are developed to be compatible with native Joomla! functionality. We do not take responsibility for improper work of our products if they are used in combination with the extensions that are not Joomla’s default ones.

After you proceed to checkout you will be emailed a link to your order in the shopping system. Once the payment is received the status of the order will be changed from Pending to Confirmed. When this status has changed you'll be offered the opportunity to download an archive which will contain the product from the Members area. If you are unable to login and access Members area/download the product, please, contact us.

Support Terms
Support is provided free of charge only when the subscription to the component is valid.

Subscription support includes:

  • Guidance on the product’s usage
  • Fix of extension’s issues caused by its own bugs
  • Answers about components’ functionality, features, settings
  • Advising on our services, terms & conditions

Providing Super User and FTP access to your site for bug-fixing is highly recommended and ensures the most appropriate solution. In case if the issue cannot be reproduced on our end, we won’t be able to fix it unless you send us the required credentials.

Functional limitations and design imperfections are not considered bugs and will not be eliminated in terms of free support. You are welcome to send us your feedback and we may consider suggested changes for implementation in future versions of the product.

Please, note the following:

  • We do not provide free support if our extension’s source code has been modified by you or a third-party developer. You will need to consult with us regarding paid support options.
  • We do not fix issues preventing our components from working properly if they are caused by your site template incompatibilities, conflicts with other extensions and third-party plugins.  In this case, we can assist you on a paid basis.
  • We do not answer to questions not related to our products or services. If you seek professional consultation about Joomla! CMS and its extensions or web development in general, you can proceed with the paid support option.
  • We do not give comments about the extension’s code alterations. It requires developer’s involvement and can be done only in terms of paid support (consultation) or custom development (ready-made code for necessary changes).
  • We do not change standard functionality according to customer’s suggestions if we don’t feel like it. Such changes can be requested as custom development.

Support Channels
There are several ways of getting in touch with JoomPlace:

The main and most effective way to contact us is Helpdesk. You can submit any questions via this channel. Technical support requiring bug-fixing is provided only via Helpdesk. If you report a problem using another way of communication, we will request you to submit a Helpdesk ticket as well.

Skype and Facebook are intended for presales questions about products and services.

The forum is designed for the community and peer-to-peer communication. We do not provide technical support via forum.

Please avoid submitting the same request multiple times and/or in different channels to emphasize the urgency. We reserve the right to remove the duplicated messages and continue correspondence through one source only.

Usage of Member’s Area
This section of the site gives the possibility to download the installation packages of the components you’re subscribed to. If you purchased a subscription for one domain you will need to enter the domain name in the text field first and press Apply. Then you will see the Download button and will be able to get the archive. We do not restrict the code of the component to work exclusively on this domain. However, support assistance will be provided only for the specified domain name.

Response Time
Working hours: from 6am to 2pm (GMT) Monday through Friday. 
The support department is closed on weekends and public holidays.

Response times may vary based on ongoing requests in the work queue. Average response time is 1 business day.

Priority Support
In case you need faster support, there is a Priority Support service which guarantees a reply within the next 4 working hours after a ticket is submitted. Priority support can be purchased together with any of our products. The 1st priority support service is valid within 3 months from the day of purchase. After that, you need to renew the service subscription.

Priority Support option does not guarantee the issue resolution within the next 4 working hours, but a status update on the reported issue as well as the inclusion to the Priority Support waiting queue and investigation as soon as possible in order of the queue.

Refund Policy

20 Days Money Back Guarantee 
We are confident in the quality of the products we develop. If you are not satisfied with the purchased product for any reason, simply contact us within 20 days after the purchase and we will give your money back without dispute. We may ask you to answer a couple of questions or take the product survey to let us know why the product didn’t meet your needs.

After 20 Days
If any problems arise during and/or after installation, we will only refund the purchase in case we fail to help you resolve a complaint. To resolve it, we may need you to provide full access to FTP, Joomla! Admin and database consoles. If you refuse to grant these credentials, the refund will not be issued. 

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