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Great support team

Despite the time differences, I have had great working experience with Joomplace Team. They answered my questions within the next few hours or working day. I am a novice Joomla user and a lot of the technical stuffs are beyond me, so I am glad that the team is there to support my needs. Thank you very much. Tristina

Intuitive Website Solutions, inc.Website

Were do I send the Beer! You guys are awesome. You are my Joomla, PHP, MySql go to guru and will always come to you for all my trouble shooting and custom development needs. By the way I had a call today from another client that was having the same problem that you found a fix for, she had never checked her site after the php upgrade like I and requested, so I did as you did and all works fine on that site now. Looks to me as the problem was with the php upgrade (cmod/file owner changes were made) like you said in the beginning. I had paid two other companies to fix this issue but they could not figure it out. Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you and your team. Please share with your team.

Using the Force

I've used several powerpoint to flash converters and powerpoint force has some considerable advantages... not least the very easy integration with Wordforce (a lovely way to put large documents online) and Quizforce (simple, straightforward and very easy to use). Then the very easy and effective integration with joomlalms as a scorm course. The support given is excellent. Does not cause MS office to hang, throw errors or have a hissy fit (unlike many others I could mention!). What powerpoint force doesn't do, to be honest, you don't need. The same is true of joomlalms. All I wish is that surveyforce allowed graphic scales and the whole thing integrates with jomsocial - now that would make a killer elearning platform. Great job.

Patient, Diligent Support

I would like to acknowledge the great service I have received from Nadia Ivanova and the patient, diligent support she has provided me over the past weeks. Her polite, informative replies to all my questions and support tickets have been helpful in my completing a large project, to the benefit of one of my clients. Nadia raised the reputation of Joomla / JoomPlace by providing service beyond what is expected. She is an asset to your company and I trust that Nadia will be recognized and honored for her commitment to the company and to service excellence.
, JoomPlace Support Ticket

highly recommended

I've already had some custom work projects with joomplace.com and they alwayd did a great job. They were all the time reliable, very helpful and I can say felxible with all the related issues that came up on the way. I would recommend them to anyone who has any sort of Joomla related issues because they were always professional at what they were doing and I felt they valued me as a customer. It has always been a pleasure to do business with them and I'm sure I'll in the future as well. These guys know their craft and in the meanwhile they became a standard how professional support should work. There are many decent companies out there and they are one of them. Highly recommended.

JoomPlace Support Service

I would like to say a very big thank you to your Joomla Support Team for all the help they have provided me with in the recent past weeks during the time I have been updating/editing/amending my son-in-laws business website. Without their help I would have struggled much more than I did, and ultimately I managed to achieve everything the website owner required. Prior to my accepting the work I thought I knew a lot about computers and websites as I worked with both for a governement department in Whitehall. I now know I knew only the basics. However, with the help of your excellent support team I am now much more knowledgable. In particular I would like to single out Alexey Mogilny who helped me throughout the problems I came across. To say he has been patient with me would be an understatement. I don't doubt that his knowledge of the Joomla Brand is of the highest level and his computer skills and abilities are much the same. I would be grateful if you could pass on my sincere thanks to him

Godsend for beginners

JoomPlace support is out-of-the-box. I purchased a couple of their components and had problems to use them in a proper way. It turned out that it was all about my knowledge of Joomla. They supported me on the components and general Joomla issues both. This team is just a godsend for Joomla beginners. Thank you - you are wonderful.

Fantastic Support

The JoomPlace Support Service is just great. I got all the support I needed, and most answers came in less than 24h. The CSS class problems I had with my templates were solved quickly, and my website now works with all browsers, even bad ones such as IE6/7!!! Problems with other components/modules/plugins were also easily solved, almost in no time. Highly recommended! And well worth the money.

Great Support

I strongly recommend JoomPlace. I needed a lot of support, because the css had to be adjusted on my site. To get it done I payed for a few support hours and it was done reliably. I trusted the team and gave them access to my backend. They were always a reliable partner and either fixed the small issues for me or sent me the solution. The were always friendly and quick in response. I especially want to thank Nadia Ivanova. I've never written a review before, but I wish to thank her and the others for their personal service.

Great extent and Support Team

Extension Quiz Deluxe is great! And your support of the extension is even better! Resolved all my questions promptly and professionally! I recommend 100% Walbert

Professional and superfast service

I am very thankful for your very professional and superfast service. I highly recommend your service to my friends.

Nearly Perfect

I purchase Personal Goals Manager yesterday, because it is nearly perfect for a project I was building in my head. http://idothisfor.me/ is less than 48 hours old, and will be in Private BETA for a couple of months, but so far, I'm loving the component!
, JoomPlace Facebook Page

Very Groovey

That is very very groovey - thank you :)
, JoomPlace Facebook Page


CONGRATS JOOMLA for providing such a vast collection of extensions and also for providing platform for the new generation of information technology

Well-designed software

We are using Room Booker to book both rooms and audio-visual materials for our school. The teachers have adapted to its use faster than I expected. One of the strong features of this software is that I can have some resource reservations(rooms and equipment) based on periods of the day and others based on time.

Excellent support

Since I have been using many joomplace products for a year now, I know that the components are first-class, no doubt about that. Now, what I would like to highlight is the first-class, excellent support you get when you purchase any of the products. My questions got replied within short time and the joomplace team were always very open for helping me. I asked them to do some custom work it was ready withing a working day. I had some minor issues with the custom work, not problems with the work they'd done but rather modifing it according to my taste. It meant some extra work for them but they were very helpful and they didn't leave my until everything was accomplished. If any of you hesitate to buy their products, please, don't, you'll be staisfied, that's for sure. Great job and keep up with the good work.

Joomla Quiz Deluxe

I just wanted to let you know that the modified quiz works like charm and I am really satisfied with what it does. I like it pretty much and it does exactly what I had in mind when I asked for the custom development. Thanks a lot for it.

Custom Community Builder Plugin

I've come to rely on you for any programming work where professionalism, great value, terrific communication and great service is needed. Best regards, Chris Dekle

Quiz component

I have tried many quiz components but this is the one that I'm going to use because it is very professional, matches almost all the needs, though there is room for improvement concerning other useful functions which are not yet in it. I'm not saying this because I'm not 100% satisfied with the product. I am. These features I hope will be in later editions but no one should have doubts, that's the best in the market. The support is also great, I always got detailed help if a question, some modifications just came up. One thing is that I didn't get answer right away, perhaps because of some curiosity of their ticketing system. I would have preferred immediate answers, that is an answer within a working day. Sometimes it took 2 days, but it is also true that I did not pay for the improved support service. All in all, support was always very good and when I asked for some custom development, e.g. to modify the component according to my needs, they did their best and I feel it was worth paying for. All in all, the component is rock-solid, runs perfectly, has got many options and it looks great. It is also a good feature that you can make your tests or quizzes free or paid. I can recommend it, it does what it says it does.

Great product and great support

Recently I got the component vBulletin Duo-Sync and really liked the product. I used the technical support for my silly mistakes and I really enjoyed the service. I recommend to everyone, because they are very professional. Sorry for bad English. I used Google Translator.

Perfect for a newspapers web-version

After searching a long time after a component for Joomla! that one can use a newspaper's online edition, which is possible to browse, I have finally found one. Being able to browse the online version of a newspaper is a necessity. Download a PDF file simply is not enough, therefore, Flash Magazine Deluxe fits perfectly to this task.

JoomPlace survey software

We have been using the JoomPlace survey software for 2 years and have found the product to be very reliable and operate to specifications.

But more importantly we have found the E- Learning team to be very supportive and responsive to our questions and enquiries.

We have had a number of questions and requests for small changes and these have all be handled in a timely and very professional manner.

We are a happy customer.

Ellis Moate Director BRS Thailand MMGedu.com

Love the Testimonials Component

Out of all the extensions, templates, components choices I have had to make, testimonial was by far the easiest and satisfying. Not only was it a snap to load and configure, but I LOVE the ability to place rotating testimonials in strategic locations on our site. Bravo!

Hello joomplace team,

I've purchased the Survey Force component and Great functionality... Love it.



Thank you very much for the great service and support. I purchased your VB duo component and had trouble working with it because I am new to Joomla and your support in helping me is first rate! A+++. Thank you - you are awesome.

Professional Project Management and Support

    It was a great pleasure working with JoomPlace. The whole process of the development and the maintanance of the delivered software was professionally structured and JoomPlace adapted to changing demands in a very flexible way. New requirements and adjustments were implemented fast and precisely. We can recommend JoomPlace and are looking forward to start a follow-up project.

Brent Folger

    Working with JoomPlace is great! They are responsive, responsible and definitely on top of their game! Brent Folger - PPC Management of AbsolutelyDominate.com

Thanks to you and the others.

    Thanks to you and the others. You've done a great job with these plugins and I will definitely both recommend your services, and I will absolutely call you first if I have any other development work.

    I also have a number of clients in private post-secondary education, and I will be letting them know about your LMS systems as well.

Subscriptions Deluxe

    Dear Support,

    I’ve been testing the solution and I’ll say one thing: Wow! It’s everything I wanted and suits the organization perfectly. You’ve made me look like a champion to my clients because this product saves them a tremendous amount of time. Your team has really outdone themselves and I’ll be recommended you to every developer I come across.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :)

Ellis Moate, MMGedu.com

    We have been using the JoomPlace survey software for 2 years and have found the product to be very reliable and operate to specifications.

    But more importantly we have found the E- Learning team to be very supportive and responsive to our questions and enquiries.

    We have had a number of questions and requests for small changes and these have all be handled in a timely and very professional manner.

    We are a happy customer.

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