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Perfect for a newspapers web-version

After searching a long time after a component for Joomla! that one can use a newspaper's online edition, which is possible to browse, I have finally found one. Being able to browse the online version of a newspaper is a necessity. Download a PDF file simply is not enough, therefore, Flash Magazine Deluxe fits perfectly to this task.

JoomPlace survey software

We have been using the JoomPlace survey software for 2 years and have found the product to be very reliable and operate to specifications.

But more importantly we have found the E- Learning team to be very supportive and responsive to our questions and enquiries.

We have had a number of questions and requests for small changes and these have all be handled in a timely and very professional manner.

We are a happy customer.

Ellis Moate Director BRS Thailand MMGedu.com

Love the Testimonials Component

Out of all the extensions, templates, components choices I have had to make, testimonial was by far the easiest and satisfying. Not only was it a snap to load and configure, but I LOVE the ability to place rotating testimonials in strategic locations on our site. Bravo!

Hello joomplace team,

I've purchased the Survey Force component and Great functionality... Love it.



Thank you very much for the great service and support. I purchased your VB duo component and had trouble working with it because I am new to Joomla and your support in helping me is first rate! A+++. Thank you - you are awesome.

Professional Project Management and Support

    It was a great pleasure working with JoomPlace. The whole process of the development and the maintanance of the delivered software was professionally structured and JoomPlace adapted to changing demands in a very flexible way. New requirements and adjustments were implemented fast and precisely. We can recommend JoomPlace and are looking forward to start a follow-up project.

Brent Folger

    Working with JoomPlace is great! They are responsive, responsible and definitely on top of their game! Brent Folger - PPC Management of AbsolutelyDominate.com

Thanks to you and the others.

    Thanks to you and the others. You've done a great job with these plugins and I will definitely both recommend your services, and I will absolutely call you first if I have any other development work.

    I also have a number of clients in private post-secondary education, and I will be letting them know about your LMS systems as well.

Subscriptions Deluxe

    Dear Support,

    I’ve been testing the solution and I’ll say one thing: Wow! It’s everything I wanted and suits the organization perfectly. You’ve made me look like a champion to my clients because this product saves them a tremendous amount of time. Your team has really outdone themselves and I’ll be recommended you to every developer I come across.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :)

Ellis Moate, MMGedu.com

    We have been using the JoomPlace survey software for 2 years and have found the product to be very reliable and operate to specifications.

    But more importantly we have found the E- Learning team to be very supportive and responsive to our questions and enquiries.

    We have had a number of questions and requests for small changes and these have all be handled in a timely and very professional manner.

    We are a happy customer.

great service!

    simply outstanding service! Have helped customise a component, and been great at being able to sort out the final tweaks. Highly recommended!

Tough project, excellent work

I contacted tech support at Joomplace for a custom development job that would integrate with JomSocial on my website. The development took several weeks during which the professional staff would provide the product for my review and I responded with request for modifications. At one point I thought that they would become frustrated with me but to my surprise the response was always courteous and professional as well. Near the end of development I then asked for additional work which was not included in the original quote. The staff at Joomplace responded with a very reasonably priced quote and completed the entire process in a reasonable time. I now have a useful and unique application that I am proud to offer to members of my website. Based on my experience I would highly recommend Joomplace for custom development on other sites as well. Kerry Dulin www.liftforlife.com

Institute 22 @ Aalborg University

    JoomPlace demonstrated the ability to deliver high quality web solutions leveraging the latest design and programming technologies. Moreover, their development and support Department contributed some really valuable ideas to our project. I recommend you this company as even post project service is Great!

Dave Alder, www.elite-eagles.co.uk

    Other than like most, I found a need on our site for a quiz component found there was a few contenders. A couple, after researching deeper, found not really fitting the bill. But got it down to two contenders, Mad Blanks, and Joomla Quiz Deluxe. Tried Mad blanks, found it to be over complicated (& for a novice I couldn’t get my head around the instructions to get the thing to work, the support was lacking somewhat). So that let me with one choice, I saw the price tag, not bad was the first thought. But Once installed, it was a breeze to set up, along with the instructions on the website were, I thought were aimed at any level, so whichever level you are, no offence could be taken.

    Then there was the support to setup either a custom layout or a particular problem I thought I had, which was as it turned out, was nothing wrong, just my members not passing the tests ;)

    The different types of questions for me I found top class, as my members reported to me, that they found that it kept them on their toes, as the questions weren’t the same type (like fill in the blanks, or multiple choice).
I can’t stop singing the praises of this component. Haven’t found anything wrong with this, it is a well thought out component.

    After saying all that, can I find anything wrong? Not really, the only niggling thing I found, was that the reporting modules, showed in “real names” not “members” or “usernames” whichever way you call it, (I think the ability to change this in the back end during setup a good idea for a wish list) After chatting to the support team, found that they can change something in the files. Again I find the level of support is something some of the bigger software companies can take a leaf from.

    Would I recommend this to anyone else? No doubt about it, If I do another club site like my current one, I’d buy this straight away.
Well worth the money.

Andrew Jackson

    Your programming is flawless - keep up the great work.

    When I am ready to promote JoomPlace in my Joomla Component eBook - I hope you will allow me to interview you!

    Talk soon - Thank you again for SUCH GREAT SUPPORT!

Intuitive Website Solutions, inc.

    Were do I send the Beer!
You guys are awesome. You are my Joomla, PHP, MySql go to guru and will always come to you for all my trouble shooting and custom development needs.

    By the way I had a call today from another client that was having the same problem that you found a fix for, she had never checked her site after the php upgrade like I and requested, so I did as you did and all works fine on that site now. Looks to me as the problem was with the php upgrade (cmod/file owner changes were made) like you said in the beginning. I had paid two other companies to fix this issue but they could not figure it out.
Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you and your team.

    Please share with your team.

Franck Scipion

    Thanks a lot for allowing us to test your excellent products, and we will not hesitate to recommend your solution. It does what it says, and does it well !!!


    Joomla-vBulletin bridge:
It is painless better than butchering the joomla core with the BBpixel script.
Well done JoomPlace!
You are the Gurus!


    It has been an absolute blessing working with JoomPlace as many projects outgrow the amount of work that we can handle. JoomPlace has been on top of everything and has been very responsive - one of the best companies to partner with for development.

Henrik Bundgaard, Senior Lecturer

“At last a concept with a content that can be easily edited. My students really like the use of sound, video and images and - they use it a lot in their daily activities. Even the text can be read aloud. I must say, that this is THE BEST I have seen so far.”

Henrik Neve, CEO hhx, Skive Business College

“It has a nice user interface and is pedagogically well designed! It´s quick and easy to produce high-quality e-learning this way. We are going to use it with our classes.”

Keld Hvam, Head of E-learning, IBC in Kolding

“This is the best form of e-learning I have experienced up till now. It´s perfect with the text-read-aloud facility so you can listen and look at images while learning. My students are very impressed. They become more interested and thereby want to learn more. Highly recommended!!
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