Comparison Chart for Joomla 1.7


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Do you often need to compare the features of your different products? Do you want your customers or students to easily comprehend the difference between several items without the need to read long, eye-glazing descriptions for each of them?


We found a solution that would make the chart creating process fun and simple task! Now you can easily do it with the Comparison Chart component for Joomla! You can concentrate on content instead of wasting your precious time on creating, styling and aligning the columns and rows. No any designer's skills necessary to create attractive colorful charts!


It's both intuitive and fully functional, time consuming and incredibly customizable.


The component can compare anything in a very informative and visually appealing way.


       Use HTML tags to insert pictures, links, or any other useful information into your charts!
       The Comparison Chart component uses the hiding effect that allows to collapse and unfold columns and rows (it can be very useful if you have big charts).
       You can set font color, size, and type as well as color for the columns and rows.
       Row elements include: a check box, text (both can include a description that will be hidden by default and shown on a click), and delimiter that will allow you to group several options compared to others (its description is also hidden until you click its name link).
       You can optionally add description text or image before and after the chart.
       You can use any of the 3 default templates for the chart or create the custom ones.
       You can submit information into charts using import of a CSV-file.
       Your users can not only view your charts, but can select the items they want to compare and create a new one.
       You can hide the parameters with the same values and highlight best/worst items for the needed parameters.



Try it out to explore all the options!



The Joomla Comparison Chart package also includes the following plug-ins and modules:  - an archive with a content plug-in that is used to insert charts into articles. - an archive with the plug-in used to display the button calling a pop-up that you to choose the chart you need to insert into the article. - an archive with Joomla module that is used to display a list of the last X charts.