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Here, you can create publications and manage them.


To create a publication, do the following:

1.Go to Management > Publications:

2.Click New ().
3.Complete the necessary information for the following tabs:



Name - type the unique name for your new publication.
Author - type in the author's name you want to be displayed on the publication.
Published - select whether the publication should be published or unpublished.
Category - from the drop-down list of the earlier created categories, select the needed one.
Use subfolder - click Yes, to use subfolder for images.


By default images are saved to folder "JOOMLA_ROOT\media\com_html5flippingbook\images\". Only one level of subfolders is allowed. If you choose to use a subfolder, specify its name below.

Subfolder - enter the name of the subfolder to store images.


Right-to-Left text - specify which reading layout you prefer.
Resolution - select resolution for the publication from the drop-down list. You may also create a custom resolution.
Template - from the drop-down list, select the template you want to use.
Display Mode – select a display mode for the publication from the drop-down list. There are three options: Direct Link, Popup Window and Joomla Modal Window.
Click Direct Link to open a magazine in the parent window.
Click Popup Window to open a publication in a pop-up.
Click Joomla Modal Window to open a publication in the modal window.
Creation time - from the calendar or manually, select the date of creation.
Thumbnail - select a miniature to display in the list of publications next to the corresponding publication's title. Mind the thumbnail size when uploading an image. Supported file formats are .gif, .jpg, .png.
Description - enter a description for the publication. The text will be shown under the publication's title in the list of publications.

PDF Version


Enable PDF - select the checkbox if you want the PDF button to be displayed.
PDF - click the Upload () icon to browse for a PDF file. Once a file is added, select it from the drop-down list. The file will be attached to the publication.


If a PDF file is not selected the PDF button will not operate correctly.

Metadata Options


Meta Data - fill in the Description and Keywords fields, if necessary.
Use Open Graph - click Yes to integrate your publication into the social graph.
Open Graph title - enter the title for the Open Graph.
Open Graph author - enter the name of the author of the Open Graph.
Open Graph image - from the drop-down list, select the image for your Open Graph.
Open Graph description - enter the description for the Open Graph.


To create a custom meta tag,

1. Enter the name and the content description

2. Click the Add () button.



Permissions - Allow or deny viewing the publication for users from different groups (Public, Manager, Administrator, Registered, etc).

4. Click Save () to save the changes and stay on this page,  OR click Save&Close () to save the changes and be redirected to the publications list. Click Save&New () to save the changes and continue creating new publications.