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Menu items selected in Settings section will be displayed on Toolbar. To access hidden items that not fit in a line, use drop-down menu:






The title of the post consists of blog name (1) and post name (2).



Click the blog name link to open the page with posts, that belong to the blog. Click the post name link to open a full article of the post (or just click the read more... link at the bottom of the article):



The other quick links are: category (3), tags (4) and author (5). They will display category posts, posts with tags and author profile page respectively:



Click the comments link to open the full article and scroll down to a comment form:



3.Full article


At the end of the article you will see links to the previous (6) and next (7) posts:



A link to a print-friendly version could be found on the bottom panel above the comment form:





The Search section will help you to find user posts by entering the post Keywords, Blogger nicknames or post Tags: