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Joomla Quiz Deluxe is integrated with AlphaUserPoints (AUP) and allows you to set how many points the user will get for each quiz in the AlphaUserPoints in addition to the points earned in the quiz component.


The AUP plugin allows gaining the total score specified for the quiz or a total of points defined for each question in particular.


To be able to integrate your Joomla Quiz Deluxe with AlphaUserPoints, sure you have these plug-ins installed and enabled:


Both this plug-ins can be found in the installation package of your quiz component and are compatible with Joomla 1.5 -2.5.



Note: is installed right in the AlphaUserPoints component, in the Plugin section; is installed through standard Joomla Extension Manager.


You do not need to manually add the rule for QuizDeluxe, it is added automatically after plug-in installation!


To set up points for the quizzes, do the following:

1.Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager:

2.Open the settings of the System - JoomlaQuiz Alpha User Points plug-in.
3.Configure the plug-in parameters:

Status - specify the plug-in publication status.
Access - specify the plug-in viewing permissions.
Ordering - specify the plug-n menu ordering layout.
Comment - specify the text announcement for the added points.
Add points rule - from the drop-down list, select whether to add the points for every quiz attempt or only when the quiz is passed successfully.
Add points once - select Yes if you want the points to be added only for  the first attempt of the quiz. Otherwise the points will be given for every attempt.
Points - set the number of points the user receives for the quiz.
4.Click Save () to save the changes and stay on this page OR click Save&Close () to save the changes and be redirected to the plug-in list.