Joomla Quiz Deluxe 3.1.x


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In this section you can specify the main Quiz Deluxe component parameters.


To specify the main Quiz Deluxe settings, do the following:

1.Go to Settings > Configuration:

2.Specify the main settings:

WYSIWYG questions options - select Yes to be able to edit the answer options of Multiple Choice and Multiple Response questions.
Content category for using in learning paths - this option is important if you insert articles into Learning paths. If you  have articles belonging to the particular category, select it from the drop-down list here, otherwise it will not be visible when you create your LP. If the article does not belong to any category, select Uncategorized.
Show component info on FE at the bottom - clear the check box to hide the following sentence that appear at the bottom of the quiz: Powered by Joomla extension JoomlaQuiz Deluxe Software.
3.Click Save&Close () to save the changes.