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You can insert images into the quiz description, feedbacks, questions, and answer options:

To make sure the inserted images are always displayed on Front-end and in the e-mail message with the results, the images should be:


uploaded to your Joomla

The images should be placed into the 'images' folder of your site on the same domain where the quiz is created. You cannot use the images that are located on your local machine or on another site.


have the absolute path

If you switch to HTML mode (), you see that URL of the image can be written in 2 ways:

relative: <img src="images/image1.jpg"/>
absolute: <img src=""/>


The relative path  will never show the images in the email results and might sometimes not display them on FE because of your SEF settings.


To change the path to absolute do one of the following:

use the HTML mode of your editor and manually modify it for every image

Note: if you use TinyMCE editor, it cuts off the absolute path and changes it back to the relative after saving. So disable the editor before you can change the path.


configure the default editor settings, so it would always use only the absolute path: