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       Learning Paths

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       Learning Paths

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Learning path (LP) option allows creating educational courses consisting of several steps that users need to take in the specified order.


Users can proceed to the next step only if they have passed the previous quiz. LP also allows viewing the short description for all steps.


All quizzes have the description option. In contrast to the articles. So the articles will be available for users to read all the time unless  they do the following: insert the Read More red line in it. So everything above this line will be visible all the time and play a role of description, everything below will open only when the user gets to this step.



Learning paths can include quizzes and Joomla articles from your web site. You can add certificates to the last quiz, so the user will be able to download it after successful completion.


Learning paths can only be accessed by authorized users.


To create a learning path, do the following:

1.Go to Quizzes > Learning Paths:

2.Click New ().
3.In the open form, complete the following information:

Title - type the name for the new learning path (this field is required).
Learning path Type - from the drop-down list, specify the learning path type:
Free  - the learning path does not require any payment.
Paid  - The learning path is only available when added to the quiz product and the user paid for it.


The paid learning path cannot be taken if you add it to the Standard Learning Path Layout menu. It also cannot be taken if you just send users  a link to it. To provide access to the paid learning path you need to add it to the quiz product and create a Quiz Package menu.


Free learning paths can also be added to the products, but can be used separately as well.


Published - select Yes if you want the learning path to be active and accessible for the users.
Short Description - type the description you want to display for this learning path on the Front-end when it is added to the Quiz Package. Example from FE:

Description - type the description you want to display for users above the list of steps of this learning path. You can apply the needed formatting to the text and insert the images. Example from FE:

Add the learning path content:

You can add quizzes and Joomla articles to the learning paths. The order how the user needs to take them is the order you list them here. To change the items order use the Move up () and Move down () buttons.

Add quiz  - select the quiz from the drop-down list of all active quizzes, and then click Add quiz.
Add article  - select the article from the drop-down list of all published articles, and then click Add article.


If the article belongs to any category, it will appear in this list only after you select this category in the Content category for using in learning paths option in the Configuration section. If the article does not belong to  any category, leave the option as Uncategorized.

4.Click Save () to save the changes and stay on this page OR click Save&Close () to save the changes and be redirected to the categories list.