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       Manual Payments

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       Manual Payments

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       Manual Payments

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Manual Payments include all manual payments created by the administrator for Quiz products.


Previously created Quiz products (quizzes and learning paths) can be purchased. A user can pay for them manually.


To create a manual payment, do the following:

1.Go to Payments > Manual payments:

2.Click New ().
3.In the open form, complete the following information:

Product - choose the product to be purchased by the user (from the products created in the Quiz Products section).
User - choose the buyer.
Amount - enter the total payment sum.
Currency code - enter the current payment currency symbol.
Status - from the drop-down menu select the approval status for the payment :
4.Click Save () to save the changes and stay on this page,  OR click Save&Close () to save the changes and be redirected to the list of manual payments.