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This section displays all the installed Quiz Deluxe templates.

By default you have 5 templates available:


joomlaquiz_pretty_green and joomlaquiz_pretty_blue are Mobile Adaptive templates. All questions except Hotspot question and 4 puzzle questions types used in Expert subscription should work properly on mobile devices.


The existing Quiz Deluxe templates can be found in:

admin\templates folder of the installation package or
site_root\media\joomlaquiz folder on your site where the component is installed.


To add a new template, do one of the following:


Install a new template

1.Go to Settings > Templates.
2.Click Install ().
3.Select the ZIP package with the template from your local machine:

4.Click Install ().


If you are looking for a professional template that would perfectly fit the unique design of your site, you can order it from us.


Edit the existing template

1.Go to Settings > Templates.
2.Select the check box for the needed template in the list.
3.Click Edit CSS () and modify the code.
4.Click Save&Close () to save the changes.


If you decide to edit the template, make sure you create a back-up copy of it, otherwise when you reinstall the component, all files will be updated and replaced by the ones existing in the main release.


This way of changing your template is only recommended for the minor style change. The more convenient way for making many changes is to create a new template based on the existing one.


Create a template based on the existing one

1.Open the site_root\media\joomlaquiz folder and decide, which template you want to use as a base for the new one.
2.Copy the folder with the existing template.
3.Rename the existing template:
a)Rename the template folder.
b)In the joomlaquiz_template.xml file, on line 3, replace the template name with the new one:

4.Change the path to the template: in the jq_template.php file, replace the old template name by the new one:

5.Modify the jq_template.css file to the style you need.
6.Create a ZIP file with this new template folder and install it.