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Joomla Quiz Deluxe allows you to use video as well as audio files in the quiz questions and description. You can do that manually or via special plug-in. The format of the files for upload depends on which plug-in you use.



We recommend using JPlayer content plug-in (for Joomla 1.5-2.5) to insert the YouTube or locally hosted video/audio. You can also use other embedding video plug-ins that do not use JavaScript for adding the player on the page.


With JPlayer you can insert flv, mp4, and mp3 files uploaded to your Joomla site via Media Manager as well as videos hosted on


Video and audio can be inserted into:

- quiz description;

- learning path description;

- question text.


To insert video/audio, do the following:

1.Install and enable the JPlayer (the plug-in will be disabled by default).
2.Install and enable survey content plug-in that can be found in the component installation package.
3.Change the JPlayer settings if needed.
4.Place the video/audio file you want to use into the media/video folder of your site or find the YouTube video you like.
5.Insert the tag in one of the following formats:


Tags supported by JPlayer are {flv} {flvremote} {mp3} {mp3playlist} {mp3remote} {mp4} {mp4remote} {videoplaylist} {youtube}


{format}filename{/format} - the default settings of the plug-in will be used. Example: {youtube}FthZQVFzM-I{/youtube}
{format}filename|width|height|autoplay|subtitles{/format} - the specified setting will be used. Example: {mp4}mysong|640|480|0|1{/mp4}
6.Save the changes.