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       Component Description

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       Component Description

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Social sharing and e-commerce get along nowadays. “Like or Share to Download” is a new Micro-Payment component for Joomla! It locks the download button until the user likes or shares the page you chose. No way to download the file until social action is done!


It is proven that people are more likely to buy products endorsed by their friend or peers than advertised in traditional form. So, sometimes it is much more valuable to get people talking about your product than just grab a nickel for it. “Like or Share to Download” component is developed to allow you selling any files (pdf, images, videos, etc.) for “Liking” your brand page or sharing it with friends and peers. The extension provides the vast portion of advertising via Social Media channels for Joomla!-sites owners.


The Joomla! component supports Facebook and Twitter! Support of 3 the most popular social media portals is on the way - Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest coming soon!

Compatible with all recent releases of every popular browser! – Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer.


Joomla Like or Share to Download component is compatible with Joomla! 2.5.


Try it out to explore all the options!