Memorials for Joomla 2.5


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The installation package of Memorials component includes the following archives: - main archive with the Memorials component. - additional archive with the Joomla module that is used to display a list of the last memorials.


To install the Memorials component, do the following:

1.In your Members Area, download the component to your local machine.


If you purchased the component for a single domain, before the link to download appears, you need to type in the domain name in the special field in your Members Area. Then you will see the Download button.


2.Extract the files from the main archive.
3.On your website, go to Extensions > Extension Manager:

4.On the Install tab, click Browse, select the archive from the folder with the component on your machine, and then click Upload & Install:

5.Repeat step 4 for every archive in the folder with the component.


The plug-ins you install for the component by default have Not Published status. To be able to use them, go to Extensions > Extension manager > Manage, and click Publish next to the needed items.


The menu for Memorials now appears under the Components tab of your Administration section and can be managed from there: