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       Menu Item Types

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       Menu Item Types

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       Menu Item Types

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To understand the architecture of Joomla user interface, a user should know how to add appropriate menu items. These items, created and configured from the administration area then will be visible and tuned on the user interface area in the way the administrator set them before.


To add a new menu item to the Memorials Front-End site, do the following:

1.On your website, go to Menus > User Menu > Add New Menu item:

2.On the Menu Item Type tab, click the Select button to choose the needed item of the component to be displayed on the Front-End:

3.The following tab will appear. Choose the appropriate item:

Category - this section displays the latest category obituaries. You can also search here for other obituaries kept to this category or create new obituaries.
Frontend Manager - this section allows creating, editing and deleting obituaries and condolences.
Submission form - this section represents a form for creating new obituaries.
Item - this section displays the latest obituaries and condolences.
Main - this section displays current obituary categories including description and list of the obituaries kept.


4.Click to save the changes and stay on this page,  OR click to save the changes and be redirected to the templates list, OR click to save the changes and open the form for a new template creation.


5.Then go to the Joomla user interface area (Joomla Home page) to check the changes made. Go to the newly added menu:

6.The following tab will appear. The system will show the list of all generated Obituaries: