Personal Goals Manager


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Personal Goals Manager component is specially designed to make it easy to set your goals, track the progress and of course achieve them. Visual representation of your goals and results brings wonderful browsing experience!


The component is not all about goals. You probably have dozens of habits you were planning to give up one day, but you were putting off to tomorrow. The time has come! Don’t leave them to be your life-long struggle. Personal Goals Manager is an ingenious way to track and improve your habits quickly.


Personal Goals Manager component is also designed to help you allocate your time in the most effective way making up plans.


The component can serve your needs as a stand-alone solution or can work together with JomSocial. Community makes it easy to share your results and encourage each other, no need to mention it brings so much fun to the process.


Personal Goals Manager component is compatible with Joomla! 2.5.



Try it out to explore all the options!