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       Manage Habits

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       Manage Habits

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This section is created to help you leave off the annoying, unhealthy or any other negative habit you have or to help you to get into the positive and useful habit you want to pick up. This is not always an easy process, so the Personal Goals Manager component can help you to monitor and manage it.


The habits section can also be useful for succeeding with your goals.


The Habits section displays not only your own habits, but all the habits created by your users on the FE; for details on FE habits creation, see User Habits in the User's guide.



To create a habit, do the following:

1.Go to Manage Habits > Habits:

2.Click New ().
3.In the open form, complete the following information (a field marked with an asterisk (*) is required):

Title - type the name for your new habit.
Weight - type the number indicating the impact of this habit among others. Depending on the habit type, use either positive or negative values.


This value will be used to create a chart of your daily progress on all your habits. The total weight will be counted for every check point. Two different types of chart can be generated: bar chart or spline chart. Bar chart is used to display positive and negative habits, spline chart is used to display day's summary. Example from FE:


Checks to form a habit - type the number indicating how many times you need to repeat the activity to turn it into the habit (for positive habits) OR how many times you need to refrain from something to give up the habit (for negative habits).
Creator - by default the creator is the logged in user who creates the habit; you can make any registered user a creator by clicking the Select User button.
Type - select the check box to define whether your habit is positive or negative.
Days - select the check boxes for the days when you must complete/refrain from the activity for a habit.
4.Click to save the changes and stay on this page,  OR click to save the changes and be redirected to the habits list, OR click to save the changes and open the form for a new habit creation.