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       Manage Plans

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       Manage Plans

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This section is created for the administrator to monitor and manage the data created by the users on the front-end (FE). You can edit this data or add your own.


The Personal Goals Manager component allows you to make plans. Plans are composed of stages and tasks. You can divide your plan into several stages and create a number of tasks for each stage. Once you marked all tasks assigned to a particular stage as complete, this stage is automatically marked as complete. Once all stages for a particular plan were completed, this plan is automatically marked as complete.


You might want to know the difference between a plan and a goal. In fact, these two elements are almost alike, for you can fix any event setting goals or making plans. The difference is in the way these elements work.


Plans allow you to create a ready structure and you need to mark your task as complete in due time. All the other actions are done automatically (i.e. completing the plan when you finished the tasks assigned to it).


If you decide to use goals you need to create manually each record and complete each milestone after you fixed all records for that milestone.

For the detailed information regarding structure of a goal, see the Manage Goals section.




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