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       Update & Uninstall

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       Update & Uninstall

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Update of the component or its plug-in

Personal Goals Manager  does not update automatically. The update must be done manually. Every time we update the component, it's available for download in your Members Area.


We recommend you not to uninstall your current component, just install the new version over the top of an older one; for details, see the Installation section. All the data created and used in the component will be saved and available after update.


Complete deletion of the component or its plug-in from Web site

1.Go to Extensions > Extension Manager > Manage.
2.Select the check box for the Personal Goals Manager component (or the needed plug-in), and click Uninstall:


Use the filters on the upper-right of the page for quick finding the needed component. OR Type in the component name (or the first letters of it) and click Search.

The component data will be kept in the database in case you need it for the future use.