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       User Fields

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       User Fields

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The user fields can be added to provide more details on every goal record or plan and make it more specific. The existing user fields are being displayed on the record creation form for the particular goal or for the particular plan.


To view the list of all existing user fields, click the Settings icon.This section displays the fields you created yourself on the FE or those assigned for you by an administrator.


Create a new user field
1.Click icon > New field.
2.In the open form, complete the following information (fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required):

Title - type the name for your new field.
Type - from the drop-down list, select the field type; depending on your selection, the new fields might appear. For details, see Type in the Customization > Fields section.


3.Click Save to create the user field. You can now assign it to the needed goal while editing or creating that goal.


Edit an existing user field
1.Click Settings.
2.Click Edit next to the field you want to modify.
3.In the open form, make the needed changes; for details, see Field creation form.
4.Save the changes.