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       User Goals

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       User Goals

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In this section all the authorized users can view and manage goals they created or goals assigned to them by an administrator.


This section displays the goals you created yourself on the FE or those assigned for you by an administrator.


To open Goals section and see the list of all active goals, go to Goals & Plans Dashboard > Goals:


When you click the name of any particular goal, you can view the detailed information about this goal as well as the graph that is a visual representation of the progress on this goal:


The color of the status icon and the status bar depends on the time left till deadline. If any milestones set for the goal, the color of the closest one will be applied.

You missed the deadline for the goal or it's closest milestone.

       Active goal with the deadline more than a week away.

       Active goal with the deadline more than 3 but less than 7 days away.

       Active goal with the deadline less than 2 days away.

       Goal is completed.


Create a new goal
1.Click and choose either Add Goal or Add goal from template.
2.In the open form, complete the following information (fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required):

Title - type the name for your new goal.
Description - type in the description for this goal.
Category - from the drop-down list, select the category. Only an administrator can create the categories.
Due date - set the date and time when you plan to accomplish the goal: use the Calendar () icon to select the date; time need to be typed in manually.
Start value - enter the value that reflects your current status (i.e. in our example it is the current English level on the IELTS scale).
Desired value - set the value you plan to have by the due date.
Units - specify the units you use for measuring your start and desired values.
Image - upload the image for the goal from your local machine.
User fields - select one or several user fields that you want to be added for the current goal during the Record creation. This list includes the user fields you created or the ones assigned to you by an administrator.


To select more than one field, click the needed field names while holding the CTRL button.

To add new user fields, click the Add new field link. For details, see User Fields.


3.Click Save to create the goal.


Create a new goal from template

1. Click and choose Add goal from template.

2. Select a template for new goal. A completed form for a new goal will appear.


Existing goals templates are those created by administrator on the back end (BE).


3. Click Save to create the goal.



Edit an existing goal

You can edit the goals you created as well as the goals assigned to you by an administrator.

1.Open Goals section.
2.Click the name of the goal you want to edit.
3.Click Edit Goal.
4.In the open form, make the needed changes; for details, see Goal creation form.

5. Save the changes.