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       User Habits

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This section is created to help you leave off the annoying, unhealthy or any other negative habit you have or to help you to get into the positive and useful habit you want to pick up. This is not always an easy process, so the Personal Goals Manager component can help you to monitor and manage it. The habits section can be useful for succeeding with your goals.


To open Habits section and see the list of all existing habits, go to Habits > All Habits:



The color of the status bar depends on the habit type:


       You are developing a positive habit.

       You are trying to give up a negative habit.


Habits that are obligatory to keep on a particular day have a background. Habits that are not obligatory to keep on a particular day do not have a background.



Create a new habit
1.Click Add Habit.
2.In the open form, complete the following information (fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required):

Title - type the name for your new habit.
Weight - type the number indicating the impact of this habit among others. Depending on the habit type, use either positive or negative values.


This value will be used to create a graph of your progress on all your habits. The total weight will be counted for every check point. Example from FE:


Checks to form a habit - type the number indicating how many times you need to repeat the activity to turn it into the habit (for positive habits) OR how many times you need to refrain from something to give up the habit (for negative habits). for details, see Actions.
Type - select the check box to define whether your habit is positive or negative.
Days - select the check boxes for the days when you must complete/refrain from the activity for a habit.


3.Click Save to create the habit.


Edit an existing habit
1.Open Habits section.
2.Click the name of the habit you want to modify.
3.Click Edit next to the record you want to modify.
4.In the open form, make the needed changes; for details, see Habit creation form.
5.Save the changes.



To succeed with your habit, you need to either carry out some particular action (for a positive habit) or to refrain from it (for a negative habit). Every time you record your progress, the number of checks is counted.


Note: If you fail to do the action when needed, the number of previously completed checks will be cleared and you need to start working on your goal from the very beginning.


To record the progress on every habit, you need to create actions for the days when you planned such actions. That can be done in 2 ways:

On the needed day, in the habit list, simply click Yes or No next to the Have you done it today option.
Open the habit history, click New action, and then complete the action creation form:

Habit - from the drop-down list, select the habit to assign this action to.
Have you done it today - from the drop-down list, select whether you did this planned action on the selected date.
Date - set the date when you performed the action; use the Calendar () icon to select the date. Time need to be typed in manually in the hh:mm format divided from the date with one space OR it will be automatically set as 00:00.


Habits history


The history has the following look and includes details on every action within this habit:

You will also be able to see the graph visually representing the progress on all your habits. For details, see Habits graph.


Habits graph

The progress on all the habits is reflected in a graph. You can either see this graph inside the content if it was inserted by an administrator or you can click the All habits statuses history link under the habits list.

The graph shows the summarized result for all habits at every check point.


The total weight for every check point is counted in the following way:

If you complete the action at the needed date, you receive the points equal the habit weight (either positive or negative).

If you fail to complete the action at the needed date, you receive zero.