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For the long term goals it is very convenient to divide the goal into several milestones. In the end of each stage marked with a milestone you will be able to monitor your progress; be signaled in time if you diverted from the right course and can easily get back on track. Milestones can help you to define the exact time you need to succeed with the goal and take into account all the constituent elements of your primary goal.


After all the milestones are reached, the goal will be marked as complete. So if you decide to go with milestones, make sure you create enough of them to cover all goal.


To view the milestones for a particular goal, go to the goals list, click the name of the needed goal, and then click the Milestones tab.

This section displays the milestones you created yourself on the FE or those added for your goal by an administrator:


Create a new milestone
1.Click Add milestone.
2.In the open form, complete the following information (fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required):

Title - type the name for your new milestone.


You can have several milestones with the same name, but it's recommended to use different names for your convenience.


Description - type in the description for this milestone.
Goal - from the drop-down list, select the goal to assign this milestone to.
Date - set the date when you plan to reach this milestone; use the Calendar () icon to select the date. Time need to be typed in manually.
Status - leave the status as Not complete for the newly created milestone. You can change the status to Complete anytime later when you accomplish the milestone.


3.Click Save to create the milestone.


Edit an existing milestone

You can edit the milestones you created as well as the milestones assigned to you by an administrator. Use this option to change the status of your milestone after you complete it.

1.Open Goals section.
2.Click the name of the goal where the needed milestone belongs to.
3.Click Milestones.
4.Click Edit next to the milestone you want to modify.
5.In the open form, make the needed changes; for details, see Milestone creation form.
6.Save the changes.