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       User Records

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Records are being used for the progress tracking. The number of record notes is unlimited. You can add a record every day or just ones a week, it all depends on how much time you have to accomplish your goal and how much time you want to spend on this goal. Your progress will be strictly measured and displayed in understandable graphic view for every goal. The more specifics you add to your records, the easier it will be to succeed at the end.


This section displays the records you created yourself on the FE or those added for your goal by an administrator.


To view the records for a particular goal, go to the goals list, click the name of the needed goal, and then click the Records tab.


Create a new record
1.Click Add Record.
2.In the open form, complete the following information (fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required):

Title - type the name for your new record.
Description - type in the description for this record.
Date - set the date when you performed the action for this record; use the Calendar () icon to select the date. Time need to be typed in manually.
Result - type in the goal status value gained up to this date.
Goal - from the drop-down list, select the goal to assign this record to. After you select the goal, all the user fields assigned to this goal with appear to be completed if needed.


3.Click Save to create the record.


Edit an existing record
1.Open Goals section.
2.Click the name of the goal where the needed record belongs to.
3.Click Records.
4.Click Edit next to the record you want to modify.
5.In the open form, make the needed changes; for details, see Record creation form.
6.Save the changes.