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Survey Force Deluxe is a multi-functional extension for creation online surveys and polls. The component enables you to create surveys, collect data and analyze results online. It is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Survey and Polling Tool. The extension is designed to create surveys or polls and even build troubleshooter, collect data and analyze results online. Front-end authoring is supported!

Survey Force Deluxe is Joomla! 3.x compatible. The survey component is integrated with JomSocial versions up to 3.x and all versions of Community Builder. So, community members can create online surveys/polls from the front-end of their community profiles. The survey extension is integrated with AlphaUserPoints component and allows you promote participation of users in your surveys giving the users promotion points for answering each survey.


Basic features:


PDF or CSV simple and advanced reports generation
8 questions types: LikertScale, Pick One, Pick Many, Short Answer, Ranking Drop-Down, Ranking Drag'and'Drop, Boilerplate, Ranking
Importance Scales (predefined or custom)
Survey invitations for users
Different survey question rules: "Don't show this question if...", "If answer is ... go to question..."
Ability to make questions of Joomla poll component compulsory or not
Select whether to place one, several or all questions on the page using Page Break
Email survey results to author or any specified email
Ability to insert Survey for Joomla into the articles
Redirection after survey
Progress bar during the poll
Easy component translation (default language system with .ini files)
Final page of the survey can be customized with your feedback or have online survey results for the user at the end
Different access levels of survey tool: for public, registered users, or only users in the list (single and multiple voting + edit or replace previous answers)
Graphical view of poll results (pie/bar charts)


Try it out to explore all the options!


Survey Force Deluxe is compatible with Joomla! 3.x. This guide is designed specifically for Survey Force Deluxe version 3.2.x installed on Joomla 3.x.