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       User Reports

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       User Reports

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       User Reports

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In this section all the authorized users who are assigned as survey authors can create reports and sums based on existing surveys.


To create a report, go to Reports:

You can get your report in two formats: PDF and CSV (Excel). Or you can use the Report  ( ) button to view the report without downloading it.


It will give you the detailed report including the users info details, that is how many times the question was answered:

CSV Report (Sum)

To open your CSV file in Excel, do the following:

1.On the ribbon menu click Data > From Text:

2.Make the specified settings and click Finish:

Cross Report

This report type allows you to create a report for particular questions of the survey:

Select a survey - specify the survey for this report.
Select Column Question - specify the column question.
Select Question You Would Like To Include In Your Report - specify the needed questions or just select them all.
From Date, To Date - specify the report time period.
Include Complete - select the check box to generate a report based on complete surveys.
Include Not Complete - select the check box to generate a report based on incomplete surveys.
Get report in - from the drop-down list specify the report output file (.PDF or .CSV).
CSV Report

This report allows you to include importance scales in your report:

Include Imp. Scale answers - select the check box to add previously created Importance Scale questions to this report.


Note: Before you start generating your report, make sure you selected from the down-drop list the survey you want to create this report for. Select the check box next to the attempts that were already made in the specified survey and which you want to create your report for.