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Customers’ feedback is a powerful way of service quality improvement. Collecting testimonials helps to find out what people want and how you can give it to them. Testimonials Component is useful both for bloggers who share valuable information, and for web shops owners who tries to raise profit, as well as for service providers who want to win over competitors.


With this Joomla! Testimonials component your site or web shop visitors can leave their valuable feedback about your service or products. The component allows assigning relevant set of testimonials to every landing page of your site where necessary. Use loyal customers’ feedback smartly to overcome prospective customers’ pessimism and convert your web traffic to clients!


The Joomla! Testimonials Component by JoomPlace is a package with the component, a module and two plugins you can use to make testimonials pages on your site, add testimonials module on certain pages of your Joomla! site or add testimonial in any place of an article using a tag.


You can choose whether new testimonials can be added by registered site users or all site visitors. New text can be added from front-end user interface and by site administrators. You can enable captcha to protect yourself from spam. Moreover, you can add custom fields to the customers’ feedback form.


It is possible to set up auto-approve of new feedbacks or notifications for administrator who will moderate the testimonial text. Testimonials can be managed both from the administration and front-end sections by one or several assigned managers.


The module that comes with the component gives a possibility to display testimonials on different pages of the site. You can set up timeouts for testimonials rotation and they will be demonstrated one by one creating a nice animated fade effect. You can set up the module to show a set of testimonials with certain tags for a certain page of the site.


Besides the testimonial itself you can choose whether to show or not author’s name, avatar, author’s description, etc. If you want to make a compact module with testimonials, it is possible to limit the symbols of text shown in the module, and to add ‘Read more’ button, using which users will be able to read full version of each testimonial.


Basic options:


Auto-approval or administrator moderation of new texts
Captcha to protect from SPAM
Timeouts between testimonials change
Limit the number of symbols to show in a module
Show/Hide author's name and avatar
Show/Hide 'Read more' and 'Add new' links
Fade effect


This component is being used at our JoomPlace.com site!


Try it out to explore all the options!


Joomla! Testimonials component is compatible with Joomla! 3.x. This guide is designed specifically for the Joomla! Testimonials version 1.7.x installed on Joomla 3.x.