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This section contains the information for managing the Joomla! Testimonials component's front-end section.


Front-end users can read testimonials displayed on the Testimonials List page, put inside articles or displayed by the Testimonials Module.

There are also three main options for adding new testimonials: by clicking on the Add testimonial button on the Testimonials List page, by completing the Testimonials Creation Form via direct link or by clicking the Add testimonial button inside the Testimonials Module.


Front-end users can add a testimonial by doing the following:

1.Click the Add Testimonial button on the Testimonials List page or the Add New button inside the Testimonials module (or use a direct link to the Creation Form page).

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2.In the open form, complete the necessary information.


Caption - type the title for the testimonial.
Testimonial - type the text of the testimonial.
Rating - choose the rating.
Author’s name - type the testimonial author's name.
Author description - type any information about the author.
Tags - choose tags for the testimonial.


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3.Click Save button to add the testimonial.