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The installation package for Testimonials component is valid for Joomla 3.x and includes the following archives:


com_testimonials.zip - the installation archive for the component.
mod_testimonials.zip - the installation archive for Testimonials module. This module displays a set of relevant testimonials with certain tags at a certain page of the site.
plg_content_testimonials.zip - the installation archive for Testimonials plugin. This plugin replaces {testimonials [layout]|[tag:tag or category]|[number]} tag in content with testimonials. Example: {testimonials default|tag:sample tag|2} {testimonials 2columns|Uncategorised|5}
plg_editors_xsd_testimonials.zip - the installation archive for Testimonials plugin. This plugin displays a button to make it possible to insert testimonials links into an article. Displays a popup allowing you to choose the testimonial.


To install the Joomla! Testimonials component, do the following:

1.In your Member's Area, download the component to your local machine.

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arrow_upTIPS & TRICKS
If you purchased the component for a single domain, before the link to download appears, you need to type in the domain name in the special field in your Member's Area. Then you will see the Download button.


2.In your web site administration area, go to Extensions > Manage.

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3.On the Upload Package File tab, click Choose File, select the downloaded package of the component on your machine, and then click Upload & Install.

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Note: you don’t need to extract archives to install them. Choose only Testimonials component package you’ve downloaded from your Member’s Area.


arrow_upTIPS & TRICKS
The plugins installed along with the component are disabled by default. To enable them, go to Extensions > Plugins, check the box against the needed items and click Enable button.
In order to find plugins quickly you can enter “testimonial” into the search box and click Search.


The menu for Joomla! Testimonials component now appears under the Components tab of your administration section and can be managed from there.

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