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List of testimonials is a great tool to share valuable feedback with your customers. This layout renders published and approved testimonials list.


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To add the Testimonials List page to your site, do the following:

1. Go to Menus > choose the necessary menu > Add New Menu Item.

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2. Click Select.

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3. In the opened window choose Testimonials > Testimonials List.

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4. In the open form, complete the needed information for the following tabs.



Menu Title - specify the name for the page.
Menu Item Type - selected on a previous step.
Link - generated automatically.
Target Window - select the target window from the drop-down menu.
Template Style - select the template style from the drop-down menu.
Menu Location - select the location from the drop-down menu.
Parent Item - select the parent item from the drop-down menu.
Ordering - specify the order (available after saving).
Status - select the status from the drop-down menu.
Default Page - specify whether the page is default or not.
Access - select the group of users who will be able to access the page.
Language - select the language.
Note - type any notes.


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Testimonials Settings:

Category - select the category of testimonials to show on this page.
Template - select the template from the drop-down menu.
Intro text - input introduction text.
Testimonials: Tags - select the tags (only testimonials with the selected tags will be shown on this page).


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Link Type:

Link Title Attribute - specify the custom description for the title attribute of the menu hyperlink.
Link CSS Style - specify the custom style to apply to the menu hyperlink.
Link Image - select or upload an image to use with the menu hyperlink.
Add Menu Title - specify whether to add menu title or not.


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Page Display:

Browser Page Title - specify the browser title for the page.
Show Page heading - select the option from the drop-down menu.
Page Heading - specify the alternative page heading.
Page Class - specify the class to add to elements on this page.


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Meta Description - add the meta description. This will be used as the description of the page in the HTML output.
Meta Keywords - add a list of keywords to be used in the HTML output.
Robots - select the instructions for robot from the drop-down menu.
Secure - select whether the link should use SSL or not.


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Module Assignment:

Assign the necessary module to this page.


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Note: if you'd like to change the number of testimonials to display, check FAQ (How to set the number of testimonials per page).